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Aren’t cows sacred in India?

They are indeed, and we fully respect this. So where does the leather come from? Around 120 million Muslims live in India. By way of a brief comparison, there are just over 64 million people living in UK - in total. Each of our bags are produced from rawhide, taken from cattle that is farmed for food. Respect, which lives on in our high-quality, durable bags.

myCare – leather is sacred to us

Hazardous substances are kept to a minimum, while still making the bags as durable as possible. Our leather is carefully and gently processed, and is:

  • chromium-free
  • nickel-free
  • partially vegetable-dyed
  • Leather, a living material with character

    By its owner’s side over a period of several years, it adapts and is like a good wine – it gets better with age. The result is a one-off piece that is bursting with charm. However, if life ever gets a little too wild, we offer a repair sevice for our leather items. Repairs are provided free of charge under warranty, or at a fair price if your warranty has expired.

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