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Handmade leather aprons made of premium cowhide

The highlight for every barbecue master and mistress: aprons made of genuine leather. Not only chic, but also functional.

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Are you a real barbecue master? Then discover our leather aprons!

An often underestimated but useful accessory in the kitchen is the cooking apron. It is often only worn by professional chefs and cooks and has lost some of its lustre in recent times. We don't know why this is so, because there are actually only advantages of cooking aprons. Not only do they protect your clothes from stains and grease splashes while cooking, but they are also easier and quicker to clean than your clothes. Since aprons are quickly put on before cooking and can be changed quickly, they not only save you time but help you focus on cooking. So not only do aprons save time in the kitchen, they also save money because your clothes stay clean and don't get stubborn stains. The only point we can think of why cooking aprons are not worn is that fabric aprons often look "old-fashioned" and unstylish. We have the solution for this, which might make you a chef with an apron again: the noble aprons made of high-quality genuine leather. These are something very special and are sure to impress not only your family, but also your guests at the next barbecue party! Especially in summer, leather aprons are a must-have, because they turn men and women at the barbecue into real barbecue masters.

High quality leather barbecue aprons - The perfect gift for all barbecue masters

Whether father, mother, brother, cousin or partner, everyone who likes to barbecue in summer needs at least one barbecue apron. That's why leather aprons are the perfect gift idea for everyone who likes to stand at the barbecue. Because compared to other types of aprons, aprons made of leather offer great advantages, especially for barbecuing. Unlike fabric aprons, leather aprons, for example, keep out sparks and hot grease splashes that can splash around during a barbecue and not only get your clothes unsightly dirty, but also cause holes. In addition, our leather aprons from Sid & Vain have at least one pocket with space for your barbecue tongs, a knife and towel or similar. You can also easily store your smartphone in the zippered pocket! In addition, the leather apron can also be adjusted at the carrying straps, so that the size is not a problem and the leather apron will fit everyone and every cooking and barbecue enthusiast. As I said, the perfect gift for Father's Day, birthdays and so on.

Five reasons for a leather apron from myBagFactory

With our online shop you get the following advantages in addition to the unique price-performance ratio:

- Beautiful packaging in a box with brand logo -

- Unique design, which was developed by us in Munich -

- As the aprons are made of high-quality leather, they are particularly resistant and durable -

- You also have the option of customising the leather aprons with your initials, making them your own personal one-off. The aprons are personalised by our designer in our studio in Munich. Simply send us an enquiry-

-Purchase your new leather apron conveniently online at my-BagFactory and a few days later it will already be at your home-