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Handmade leather travel bags - timeless classics for every trip

Travelling bags made of high-quality leather are not only beautiful and durable, but they also acquire a distinctive patina over time. Which makes them more and more beautiful and thus makes them particularly valuable companions. Wherever your next journey takes you, our leather travel bags are the ideal sustainable travel companions.

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    High quality leather weekender travel bags - for men and women

    A leather travel bag is a special purchase. Over the years, the weekender becomes a friend that accompanies you stylishly and reliably on many trips or events. A leather travel bag is either a gift from someone you care about or from yourself. Noble design and durable leather make a travel bag a bag for life. We have travel bags for men and women made of high-quality leather that you can have personalised with your initials. Your favourite model will become a unique statement piece!

    A classic: men's leather travel bags

    The larger models of our leather travel bags in particular are classics for men. The weight and look are perfect for a mature man who wants a valuable and special piece of luggage to call his own. Nothing looks more casual than a perfectly shaped travel bag that accompanies you wherever you go. The accessory not only offers plenty of storage space for a weekend trip, but also adds a distinctive touch to your outfit.

    Women's travel bags made of genuine leather - luxury for travelling

    A leather weekender is a reliable piece of luggage for short and long trips and at the same time a classy companion for everyday life. The smaller and medium sizes of travel bags are particularly popular with ladies. On the one hand, these weekender bags can usually be carried on planes as hand luggage without any problems, on the other hand, they do not weigh so much and can easily be carried by women and young ladies. Luxury brands have aroused the interest of ladies in leather travel bags.

    Nowadays, brands like SID & VAIN and FEYNSINN also offer elegant luggage for women at affordable prices.

    Guide to choosing the right travel bag

    From XL version for a longer trip, larger bag for a "weekend" to the functional sports or business model: travel bags have been among the most popular soft luggage items for decades. They are characterised by a spacious main compartment and soft and thus flexible material. Thanks to a hard-wearing and attractive cover, they can be easily stowed away and, if necessary, even "squeezed" to fit into the storage space.

    The capacity of the travel bags ranges from 20 to 140 litres, depending on the model. Up to about 60 litres in volume, they are suitable for one to three-day trips. Travel bags with a volume of up to 80 litres are ideal for a long weekend. Larger versions are intended for longer trips.

    The Weekender - perfect for a long weekend or as a sports bag

    Weekender bags, duffle bags and travel bags with backpack function are among the most popular types for individual travel. Leather weekend bags are the perfect companions for a long weekend with friends and family, for a short holiday with your loved ones that usually lasts two or three days, or simply for sports. They offer enough storage space for a change of clothes, an extra pair of shoes, a wash bag or even an extra towel. For sports, some bags also have a separate compartment for wet things or trainers. Another advantage of weekender bags with well thought-out dimensions and the soft feel of high-quality leather is that they fit under your seat on the train without fuss.

    Business travel bags - the aura of success

    Nothing is more elegant for a business trip than a beautiful leather luggage. Not only are they sturdy enough for air travel, but they can also be taken into the cabin with you - so there's no need for the hassle of checking in. The hand luggage requirements of individual airlines can vary: The standard dimensions are 55 x 40 x 20 cm (L x W x H). Accordingly, business travel bags are usually more compact than holiday models. Some designs come with a laptop sleeve, shoulder strap and trolley strap for attaching to larger pieces of luggage if the business trip is to last several days. High-quality travel bags for business trips feature integrated laptop compartments, storage feet, credit card pockets and pen loops. Some travel bags often have a separate shoe compartment under the bottom of the bag or on the side.

    XL travel bags: Impressive companion for big trips

    Travel bags with a length of more than 55 cm and a volume of over 100 litres are perfect for larger trips. These bags cannot be carried as hand luggage on an aeroplane, but they are impressive companions for car and train journeys, as you don't often see such high-quality and large leather travel bags. There are also travelling bags with wheels and telescopic handle, these are very comfortable on long journeys or air travel. On stairs, the telescopic handle can be retracted and you can carry the bag by the top handle. Many models have an additional carrying loop on the side or front. Multifunctional travel bags have retractable shoulder straps in addition to wheels and pull-out handle, allowing for multiple carrying options.

    Always well organised and both hands free - with a thoughtful leather travel bag

    Travelling bags come in countless designs, sizes and colours, with different sized interior compartments and spacious side pockets. The bottom of the bag is usually double-reinforced so that you can also carry heavy items without any problems. Travel bags are usually equipped with at least one external compartment and two carrying handles. You can carry your, for example, sports bag either by the two sturdy handles or with the hard-wearing strap over your shoulder. Belly-shaped, duffle bags are usually equipped with two reinforced straps because they are very suitable for carrying heavy contents. A (detachable) shoulder strap is also typical.

    There are newer models of duffle bags with a wrap-around closure for volume adjustment. Many travel bags are collapsible and thus particularly easy to stow away. A thin, lightweight and tear-resistant material is typical for a foldable travel bag. For trips to the USA, it is worth buying models with an integrated TSA lock: this can be unlocked with a master key during checks. The sophisticated and unique design of our travel bags as well as the carefully crafted leather complement your look in a stylish way without being obtrusive. Whether it's the trendy vintage look or a timelessly elegant finish - it's all a question of your personal taste. You'll be surprised how much storage space our bags offer. There's plenty of space to neatly stow all your sports essentials. With the functional, lightweight weekender, you are perfectly equipped and mobile in the car, on the plane or even in a full train compartment. The bag offers you a high level of functionality and a very elegant design, whether for men, women, the gym, yoga class, tennis training or another team sport, whether made of canvas or leather - you are sure to find your new favourite here.

    Guide to choosing the right leather for your travel bag

    Good weekender bags are made of high-quality leather and, depending on the leather, are extremely robust, survive travel and transport stresses in the luggage compartment without damage and bear every scuff with dignity. The wide selection of leather types allows the perfect choice for your individual wishes.

    From very strong and dimensionally stable buffalo leather to classic cowhide and softer calf and goat leather.

    In our range, we offer travel bags made of all four major types of leather for travel bags.


    If you want to learn more about all other types of leather, you can do so in our leather-lexicon.


    Lightweight and soft goat leather

    Of the three main types of leather, goat leather is certainly the thinnest and lightest. In order to maintain stability and robustness for high durability, goat leather must be reinforced from the inside in travel bags.

    Cheaper suppliers glue simple nets onto mostly also cheap leather to give the appearance of increased stability. Higher-quality suppliers of goat leather travel bags, such as SID & VAIN brand, use thicker material for reinforcement. This technique is a little more expensive to produce, but the material also protects the valuable contents of your travel bag. Cheaper goat leather is also quite stiff, wrinkled and smells very unpleasant. Please be aware of this when buying such a bag.

    The classic: the calf leather and cowhide travel bag

    The most popular leather for travel bags is certainly cowhide. It is naturally stronger and more dimensionally stable than goat leather.

    Of course, cowhide weekend bags become softer and more supple over time. There are also many different types of cowhide that are produced by different tanning processes.

    The sturdy ones for men: travel bags made of buffalo leather

    Unquestionably the strongest and most masculine leather can be well-tanned buffalo leather. Some suppliers "split" the thick leather into two layers to save costs. This "split" leather is usually not recommended and of course does not have the good properties of high-quality buffalo leather travel bags.

    Buffalo leather gives travel bags a special strength and allows for different finishes: from rustic (e.g. heavily waxed and water-repellent) to classic finishes and open-pored, almost velvety Dry Hunter variants.

    As natural products, all of our travel bags are designed with sustainability and craftsmanship in mind. Each of our handmade masterpieces is therefore unique and, together with you, will soon have an exciting story to tell.

    The light ones: Canvas weekender with leather reinforcement

    A lighter alternative to leather travel bags is a canvas bag with leather reinforcements. Robust and lightweight, a canvas travel bag is particularly suitable for smaller trips or as a sports bag on the way to the gym. However, skilfully used leather elements can make a canvas bag more durable and also suitable for heavy contents. It is important to reinforce particularly stressed areas of the canvas bag such as the carrying strap and main pocket with leather straps. It is also popular to protect the corners with leather applications and to integrate small metal elements at the bottom for protection.

    The leather elements, either set in the same colour or in contrast, give it a timeless, elegant travel look.

    The history of the holdall

    Containers for transport on journeys can be dated back a long way. Ancient cultures already had boxes, which can be admired in museums today. The ancient Greeks used crates to store their clothing.

    Later, people transported their belongings on covered wagons in boxes but also in cotton sacks. This was cumbersome and heavy, but in those days people did not travel for pleasure and especially not for a few days.

    It is impossible to say exactly when the first travel bag as we know it today was invented. But the more mobile people became over the course of time, the greater the need for handy luggage.

    In the nineteenth century and with the emerging desire of the middle class to travel, the need arose to invent something that would allow a single person to carry luggage. It was probably during this period that the first travel bag ("Sac Voyage" - from the French "bag for travelling") appeared, a spacious sack-shaped bag with one or two short handles. Unlike a bulky suitcase, this bag was light and practical, but it had one disadvantage - it did not last long. Therefore, soon such bags were made of expensive leather and the life of a bag was significantly extended.

    Slowly, rich people began to use leather travelling bags: They were not only an object to carry personal belongings, but also a reliable status symbol in which money was often transported. For additional security of the luggage, the travel bags were equipped with locks and keys.

    Even though times and the way of travelling have changed a lot, a travel bag made of high quality leather is still an elegant statement and reliable companion on all trips.

    Summary: Handmade leather travel bags have been the most beautiful luggage for decades

    Nothing looks more casual than a form-fitting travel bag that goes with you wherever you go. This accessory not only offers plenty of storage space for a weekend trip, but also adds a distinctive touch to your outfit. We have travel bags for men and women made of high-quality leather that you can have personalised with your initials. Your favourite model will become a unique statement piece!


    Just a click away: buy leather messengers online

    At you can buy weekender bags made of high-quality genuine leather at a great price-performance ratio. Our products are made with the utmost care and impress with their excellent fabrics. These include, for example, butter-soft smooth leather and exciting vintage leather. Interesting combinations such as felt and leather as well as canvas and leather give the travel bags a fashionable update.

    In our online shop you can choose between the brands SID & VAIN, SONS OF ALOHA, FEYNSINN and BACCINI. Whether you love a classic Italian look or are a fan of Scandinavian purism, our three lines are sure to suit your taste.


    In our online shop you can order small and large travel bags. If you are planning a short city trip, our compact models are ideal as hand luggage. Our bags are also a must for short business trips. An XL travel bag is a real all-rounder! You don't have to travel to present it: If you're going straight from work to the gym, a timeless yet elegant model in addition to your tote bag is the perfect choice.


    Our trendy travel bags also look great with a relaxed street style. A cool slogan or a funny picture on the bag underlines the look perfectly. Our XXL travel bags are made for longer holidays in dreamy places.


    Travelling bags with personal initials never get lost

    Our genuine leather travel bags are characterised by a sophisticated design with attention to detail. Earthy tones such as black, grey and cognac set the tone. Elements such as a detachable shoulder strap or a main compartment with metal zip make your travel bag a practical companion when travelling. All travel bags from our store impress with their high-quality and refined look. A wax finish, for example, creates a chic patina. To make your travel bag unique, you can have your own initials embossed on many of our travel bags. Of course, this can also be done with the air-brush process.


    Order a leather travel bag from our shop and set off on your next adventure

    Where will you be heading next with your new travel bag from To a ski lodge with friends? To a business meeting in Berlin? Or do you want to relax at the harbour in Hamburg? With our stylish travel bags you'll score points everywhere! Shipping is free of charge, of course.