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High quality suitcase set 3 pieces - flexible for every trip

You would like to travel, but you are still missing the right companion? Then you've come to the right place. No matter what trip you have planned, we have the right suitcase set made of hard or soft shell in many colours for you. A trip can put a lot of strain on your suitcase, which is why we place particular emphasis on the robustness of the wheeled suitcases and the quality of the wheels. Thanks to their refined polycarbonate structure, the suitcase sets stand out for their durability and scratch resistance.

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    Discover beautiful 3-piece luggage sets in polycarbonate hard shell for every occasion

    Why you should choose a trolley or a 3-piece hard-shell case set with integrated lock

    You can already hear the sea and feel the sun on your skin, you can't wait to get away from work and enjoy your life again? Then you've come to the right place We have the perfect hard suitcase set for you as a perfect piece of luggage including a telescopic handle. In our online shop you will find numerous travel suitcase combinations that harmonise perfectly with each other in terms of both shape and colour.

    Special features of our cases:

    - Low dead weight

    - Robust materials ABS & PC or high quality nylon

    - Double-locking telescopic pole

    - 360° smooth-running castors

    - Well thought-out interior with plenty of storage space

    - 2-way zippers

    - Unique designs from Munich

    - Fair low prices without middleman markup

    The sky is the limit - With our suitcase sets the journey can begin

    Our suitcase sets made of hard or soft shell offer you the right suitcase size for every holiday: The smallest size of the set is very suitable for a weekend trip with the family or a business trip. You can take the medium suitcase for a short trip to a city, or perhaps for a wellness holiday with your partner? Or would you prefer a large suitcase for a longer stay at a holiday destination of your choice? With the L-size suitcase, a long flight to the other side of the world is no problem at all.

    For a better idea, here is an overview of our different case sizes:

    -S: 55 x 34 x 22 cm - Weight: 2.9 kg - Capacity approx. 38 litres (standard hand luggage size)

    -M: 66 x 42 x 26 cm - Weight: 3.5 kg - Capacity approx. 70 litres

    -L: 76 x 49 x 28 cm - Weight: 4.2 kg - Capacity approx. 100 litres

    Of course, you don't have to choose a single suitcase for every trip. If size S is enough for you, you can choose one of our trolleys. If you want to have a suitable suitcase for every travel purpose, then the 3-piece suitcase set is just right for you. Because the suitcase sets also allow you to combine several sizes. Be it the smaller suitcase for air travel as hand luggage and the larger suitcase to match as checked luggage. With the standardised hand luggage size, you no longer have to worry about getting through the size check for board luggage with any airline. With our carry-on luggage cases, you'll get through quickly and easily, and you'll definitely be allowed to take your companion on board the plane. When travelling with the whole family, the combination of different suitcase sizes allows you to have a separate suitcase for eachfamily member: the children can take the smallest suitcase as a child's suitcase and the two larger suitcases are for the parents and teenagers.

    Thanks to the optimally matched suitcase sizes, our suitcase sets also allow the suitcases to be stored inside each other when not in use. So you don't have to worry about the suitcases getting in the way after your trip!

    The most popular suitcase materials and their properties

    Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer (ABS)

    Cases come in many different sizes, shapes and colours and everyone knows what they personally like. But what many people don't know is that there are also many different materials from which suitcases are made. The best known and most commonly used material for hard cases is ABS, which is often coated with PC (polycarbonate). ABS is one of the most widely used plastics in the world and is one of the most tried and tested plastics in the hard case sector. It is moulded at high temperatures because it can be produced relatively cheaply. Suitcases made of this material are particularly hard-wearing, scratch-resistant and dimensionally stable. They are characterised by a slight structuring in the surface and a beautiful light shimmer effect when exposed to light and can be coloured in any way.

    Polycarbonate (PC)

    Cases made of pure polycarbonate are quite strong and hard, making them very robust. Due to the flexibility of the material, deformations can easily be pressed back into their original shape, making the case practically indestructible. Although PC is even used for protective goggles because of its insensitivity, as with any material, scratches are inevitable during transport, especially when travelling by air. Suitcases and luggage sets made of polycarbonate are heat-resistant, waterproof, dimensionally stable and, depending on the design, quite light.

    ABS-PC - coated with polycarbonate films (DureFlex)

    The Fergé brand produces ABS plastic with its own specially developed DureFlex formula to make the material as light, flexible and durable as possible. In this process, the moulded ABS material is additionally laminated with a polycarbonate film. On the one hand, this changes the appearance - the surface becomes shinier - and on the other hand, it also changes the behaviour of the material. The additional film makes the material more resistant to breakage, impact and weathering. Products made with this process have a very noble, shiny touch and are somewhat cheaper than other luggage made of pure PC or aluminium.

    How to clean your hard case

    Because of their smooth surface, hard cases are usually easy to clean. First vacuum the inside of the case with a hoover on a low setting. Light dirt can be wiped off with a damp cloth. It will not harm the material if you also use a little washing-up liquid.

    For the lining (lining) we recommend a gentle hand wash.

    For very dirty caster wheels, the bathtub is suitable for soaking and loosening the dirt beforehand. To do this, simply pour in a little water with some washing-up liquid or gentle all-purpose cleaner so that the castors are covered. After a short time, dirt can be removed much more easily. (Dirty rollers can damage the roller bearings in the long term and thus affect the rolling ability of the case.)

    Allow the case to dry thoroughly before putting it away.

    How to clean your soft-sided suitcase

    Vacuum the inside of the soft-sided suitcase using a hoover on a low setting. If the case is very dusty, you can also vacuum the outside first. This will make it easier to clean later. Now the textile surface can be wiped with a soft, damp cloth. If there is still dirt in the fine textile, it can be brushed out with a soft brush.

    For the lining we recommend a gentle hand wash.

    For very dirty caster wheels, the bathtub is suitable for soaking and loosening the dirt beforehand. To do this, simply pour in a little water with some washing-up liquid or gentle all-purpose cleaner so that the rolls are covered. After a short time, dirt can be removed much more easily. (Dirty wheels can damage the wheel bearings in the long term and thus impair the rolling ability of the case). To ensure that the case continues to be water-repellent after cleaning, the outer surface can be sprayed with a commercial waterproofing spray.

    Allow the case to dry thoroughly before putting it away.

    Our quality standard - hard shell, soft core, buy travel suitcase set

    We want to accompany you everywhere, share every adventure and make every memory the best possible. Our priority is to make your trip as relaxing as possible. Thanks to our cases with 4 wheels, the 360-degree wheel system and the 2-stage telescopic bar, there's no more strenuous dragging behind you. The two larger suitcases with their 2 handles (top and side) make carrying and lifting easier. has all its luggage sets made from high-quality ABS & PC using the DURE-FLEX process. This allows for a robust, lightweight surface and durability of the suitcases. The suitcases offer optimal storage space for neat packing. The organised interior offers dividers and luggage straps to keep everything in its place during the trip.

    The worry of forgetting or losing the luggage lock is also a thing of the past with our suitcases and luggage sets. A high-quality combination lock is integrated directly into the case and protects your hard case from unauthorised opening, allowing you to travel with peace of mind.

    Give your luggage set personality - no more risk of confusion at the baggage carousel

    We at can not only produce quality suitcases, but also offer an individual design. The 3-piece suitcase sets come in stylish colours, such as the models in the MARSEILLE range in royal blue, champagne, pink or silver. Colours such as light green, bright yellow or pink also make your suitcase something very special. Many suitcases also have a shiny finish. Since this large selection of colours is not enough for us, we also offer you the option of having your suitcase customised by us. Contact us with your wishes and we will discuss the realisation of your very individual suitcase set.

    The MyBagFactory team wishes you a pleasant journey!