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Festival Bag - The Accessory for Day and Night

Whether you're going out for the evening, meeting up with friends on the spur of the moment, or dancing through the festival season, your leather bag will be a real head-turner!

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    Leather festival bag - whether for day or night

    We offer a variety of bags for the festival season. At the moment, our leather festival bags are totally in trend. They look good and suit for all occasions. Whether you're going out for the evening or spontaneously meeting up with your friends, your bag will be a real eye-catcher, and practical too. The perfect combination!

    Who needs a festival bag

    You don't want to take a lot of stuff with you that you can't use anyway during a festival, a party or a walk in the city? You don't want a bag that's too big to distract from your outfit? Then you need a festival bag! The great thing about festival bags is that they are small and light, you can take them everywhere and create your own style. A great festival bag is the best base for your accessories. Festival bags often have a very simple design and are very practical. Find the perfect festival bag that suits you and your outfit.

    Handmade leather bags for every look - the perfect companion

    It definitely gives your look a new shine. But it also gives you individuality, as we can airbrush your initials onto your new leather bag on request. Whether you hold your festival companion in your hand or throw it around your shoulder is entirely up to you. Of course, we also offer shoulder bags and cross-body bags made of leather for men. The men's festival bag tends to be more simple, but if you're into more special bags, you can use our service to customise them according to your preferences.

    Shoulder bags or festival bags made of leather - reliable for partying

    Of course we recommend bags made of genuine leather for your party outings. On the one hand, leather bags in casual brown or cool black easily adapt to different styles. On the other hand, only genuine leather can best emphasise the casual or retro look for festivals, especially outdoor festivals. Not to forget that our good workmanship and our high-quality leathers guarantee durability and longevity.

    Which bag for a festival?

    The festival season has begun! That means you can wear your festival bag again. But have you noticed that it no longer suits your taste? Don't worry, at mybagfactory.com you'll find a wide range of different festival bags to complete your festival outfit. There is something for every style and taste. And above all, festival bags that are in line with the latest trends. If you haven't found the right festival bag yet, we'll be happy to help you! A shoulder bag made of butter-soft nappa leather in the finest quality, a stylish shoulder bag made of natural leather or a bright pouch bag made of suede? Which festival bag is your favourite? Our leather festival bags are available in different colours and sizes and can be worn comfortably over the shoulder or cross-body. This way you have all your things close and at hand. At mybagfactory.com you'll find the perfect festival bag for women that fits you and will definitely be a great highlight!

    Festival Bags & Accessories

    There are many different options for combining your festival bag. Take your festival outfit to the next level. For example, how about a cute hat or a stylish bucket hat? Are you more of a hair accessories fan? There are many ways to complete your look. For example, scrunchies or hair clips. A great summer dress or cool jeans with a simple T-shirt? All these accessories are among our favourites. Don't forget to wear matching shoes with your festival bag. Combine them with your festival bag and you'll have a perfect festival outfit in no time!

    Festival bag beautiful, practical and safe

    You value beauty, safety and comfort? Then our practical festival bag for women is just right for you!

    Our festival bag is an ideal companion when only the super important things should go on tour with you.

    Not too big, but not too small either. Not too big, because if you're going to a festival, for example, and want to move around freely, the bag can get too heavy when you're dancing. Not too small, because all your important things: Mobile phone, tickets and money should fit in well and safely.

    Our logos and other materials are colour-coordinated. This visually enhances the bag and therefore makes it something special. That's why our festival models are not only practical, but also an absolute eye-catcher.

    Festival bags - What to look out for:

    The sun is shining again over the big festival parks and open air stadiums, tickets have been bought, friends are prepared, but how exactly does the event become an unforgettable memory and what do you have to bear in mind?

    When you go to a festival, you naturally want to have your hands free. You can simply hang the bag over your shoulder because the two handles have a comfortable carrying length, which you can of course also adjust. This way you can attach your bag to your body and dance and jump undisturbed without having to worry about losing your bag. Many of our festival bags have an adjustable shoulder strap.

    All your valuable items that you always want to take with you - your smartphone, keys, wallet must be securely packed in your bag. Your daily necessities will be at your fingertips without the hassle of searching. You also want to keep money and your important documents safe. As a variation, we offer an outer zip or a magnetic button with lockable inner compartments. This is not only important to prevent your money from falling out, but also to prevent you from being robbed.

    With a festival bag from my-BagFactory, you'll be well equipped for your next festival. Our bag will make you feel more confident, and a confident look is the best look that gives your outfit a great glow. Festival bags are more than just an accessory. They are the be-all and end-all of your outfit!