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Trolleys and travel bags with wheels - comfortably around the world

Discover the ease of travelling! For all those who don't want to do without a sporty-cool touch when travelling, are travel bags with wheels. Ideal for the annual holiday, a weekend or for sports - pack your seven things in a large wheeled suitcase. Thanks to the corresponding volume, you also have enough space to take along equipment, e.g. for your sport, in addition to clothes.

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What is luggage with wheels - suitcases or travel bags?

While wheeled suitcases with 4 wheels belong to the suitcase category, travel bags with wheels belong to the soft luggage category and are a hybrid of the classic trolley and the (actually) wheel-less travel bags. Sporty travel bags with wheels are usually made of robust, coated fabrics, such as canvas or nylon. The models are less wide than suitcases and therefore easier to pull through the aisles when travelling by train and also easier to stow in the car.

Many advantages of trolleys and travel bags with wheels

Whether you're travelling on business, taking a short trip to a European metropolis or spending several weeks in an exotic country, trolleys with wheels are always a practical choice. With the wheels and extendable trolley poles, they are no ballast, but on the contrary can even take your backpack or laptop bag off your shoulders, so you don't have to carry any extra weight. The wheels can even be used as a trolley for additional luggage. High-quality materials, whether hard or soft shell, ensure reliable durability: Trolleys from our young French brand FERGÉ are made from excellent ABS & PC using the DURE-FLEX process. This process gives the trolley very good stability while keeping the weight as low as possible. In addition, your travel luggage gets a shiny and extraordinary look. Soft-sided suitcases and travel bags from the sporty brand SONS OF ALOHA are made from recycled marine plastic using the STRETCH-FLEX process.

Cool travelling through easy handling

The biggest plus of the rolling travel bag is its easy handling. The extendable telescopic handle and smooth-running wheels make it easy to pull. In case of obstacles such as kerbs and stairs, you can simply lift your rolling travel bag using the additional carrying handles. In addition to the trolley handle with locking button and top handle, larger models also have a handle on the side. For high-quality outdoor travel bags like the ones from SONS OF ALOHA, two additional carrying straps on the front are typical and extremely practical The main compartments often close with a two-way zip. Travel bags with wheels are also popular, with corner and bottom reinforcements made of robust plastic to give the luggage stability. Foldable travel bags with wheels, on the other hand, can be stored and packed very small when empty, but they also offer significantly less protection or stability.

Flexible and relaxed on the move with 2 or 4 castors

Whereas travel bags usually have 2 wheels and are thus dragged behind rather cool-casual, modern suitcases usually come with 4 wheels and are thus comfortable when travelling with many footpaths, for example at the airport. When walking between terminals, the small suitcases with 4 wheels are especially useful. The travel bags with 2 wheels are actually always made of soft shell or fabric and thus have the advantage of being better compressed when, for example, every centimetre of space in the car is important. A suitcase or travel bag with 4 spinner wheels, on the other hand, also offers a good advantage - it can not only be pulled, but also pushed next to you or turned around more quickly. A trolley on four wheels is also less likely to tip over because the weight is evenly distributed over four support points.

Simply practical - not only because of the many compartments

An additional plus point for fabric travel bags is the wide-opening main compartment for more convenient packing and unpacking, as well as robust carrying handles on the front. The compartments, which are conveniently accessible from the outside via zips, are typical of these smart traveller weekender bags. This makes it easy to access stowed laptops, passports, tickets, smartphones or even snacks while travelling. Apart from familiar features such as an address label, laundry compartment or packing straps and compression straps, many travel bags with wheels offer numerous other features for even more comfort. A travel bag with wheels and backpack function is not only suitable for back country trips, but also for trips with multiple transfers. Fabric travel bags with integrated expansion fold or adjustable side closures are a perfect option for situational volume expansion. Suitcases with wheels are true all-rounders and really ingenious when it comes to travelling. Made of hard-wearing polyester, nylon, water-repellent tarpaulin or, as with SONS OF ALOHA, recycled marine plastic, a travel bag with wheels looks sportier and is more flexible than a trolley. Due to its light weight and practical handling, a wheeled travel bag is ideal as luggage for any occasion. Especially on the way to the airport, train station or hotel, a wheeled suitcase proves to be particularly helpful, no matter how packed it is.

Our new soft-shell cases are particularly light and flexible. The trolleys made of high-quality nylon fabric have large external compartments, which make access to the luggage even easier.

Guide: The right size and equipment for every trip

Available in many different sizes and shapes, the bags are the perfect companion for every big or small trip. As the choice is very large, we would like to provide a little help here: For weekend trips or short holidays, travel bags with a filling volume of 35 to 50 litres are suitable. They usually correspond to the hand luggage size and do not have to be checked in for a flight. The standard specifications are 50 cm x 35 cm x 20 cm. Please note that hand luggage dimensions may vary from airline to airline. Hand luggage size travel bags often have a trolley strap to clip onto a larger suitcase for longer journeys. It is also important that the travel bag is not too long when placed on the suitcase, otherwise it will hang down on the left and right. For an annual holiday or a two-week trip, there are larger bag formats with a volume of 60 to 80 litres. Travel bags and trolleys up to 150 litres are ideal for trips lasting several weeks. Our trolleys come in different sizes so you can find exactly the right suitcase for your trip. The smallest trolley in the range is our hand luggage trolley, which measures 35 x 55 x 22 cm and complies with the standard board luggage size of most airlines, so you can easily take this small companion on board the plane. Similar to the briefcase, the small suitcase is perfect for short business trips. If you need more storage space, for example for a short holiday or a city trip, it's best to choose our medium-sized model. With its dimensions of 65 x 41 x 25 cm, it is perfect for a holiday lasting several days. Not enough for you? If you can never decide what to take with you and need a lot of space in your suitcase, or if you have a long holiday planned, then you'd better order a large suitcase. Our 77 x 47 x 28 cm suitcase has enough storage space for all kinds of trips around the world.

Now it's your turn: do you want a compact model for your carry-on luggage? Are you heading to Tokyo with a sturdy, large suitcase or trolley? Are you planning a round trip through Peru with a lightweight suitcase? Or do you have an important business meeting coming up for which a medium-sized travel trolley is indispensable? Or are you still rather undecided? Then simply opt for a 2- or 3-piece suitcase set in the colour of your choice. And that's not too expensive either, because at you can fulfil your every suitcase wish at fair prices. Shipping and returns are of course free of charge. We hope you enjoy choosing your trolley and have a safe journey with your new favourite suitcase! Can't decide which size you need? Then simply order one of our suitcase sets 3-piece, so you always have the right suitcase for your trip. Plus, you can store the matching suitcases inside each other for storage.

Make suitcases and trolleys unique with airbrush

We have suitcases and trolleys that immediately catch the eye on the baggage carousel! Our store has hard cases, travel cases, business trolleys and travel trolleys that are an absolute hit. No matter what your favourite colour or style is, you're sure to find a model that suits your taste 100%! For example, if you like classic tones, our models in bronze metallic brown, silver or champagne metallic beige are just right for you. But hard suitcases in bright colours such as yellow, metallic pink or apple green are also real eye-catchers and put you in a good mood while you're waiting at check-in.

That's not enough for you? At you can even give your new luggage or trolley an individual style. How about unique slogans or motifs sprayed onto your favourite suitcase using the air-brush technique? In our motif gallery, you can choose between ready-made images. These will then be applied to your suitcase by the boss herself, Mrs Strauss, in our studio in Munich. If you have a special idea, please contact us and we will be happy to implement it on request.