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Leather clutch - elegant accessory online shopping

Whether square or tubular - all clutches have one thing in common: they are carried by hand! What you might not suspect at first: these bags are true multi-talents despite their relatively small size. Whether classically as an evening bag, more conspicuously as a statement - accessory, or even as an inner bag for the actual handbag - you simply can't have enough of them.

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Leather clutch bag - small but nice

A clutch is a small evening bag that has neither a handle nor a strap, although some models have a discreet hand strap. The term is derived from the English (to clutch = to clasp, to hold), as the evening bag is either "clasped" with one hand or the wearer clamps it between her arm and upper body. In the fashion world, a clutch is considered a discreet accessory that should not distract from the wearer's tasteful evening outfit. To complement the outfit stylishly, the clutch bag is preferably made of high-quality materials such as genuine leather. Most clutches have a practical zip or an inconspicuous magnetic closure. For the evening bag, a smooth leather in classic colours - black, grey, dark blue or brown is a good choice - these are timeless and underline your outfit, but don't distract from it. Do you fancy something a little more unusual? Then our combination of black leather and grey felt might be something for you.

The clutch - classy and timeless for elegant evenings

Without a shoulder strap or handle and a very compact size, the clutch bag is admittedly not exactly the most practical bag. But that doesn't matter at all, because the clutch has a completely different claim anyway: it is the perfect companion at a party, a chic dinner or a gala. With this evening bag you only have the essentials for the evening with you: money/credit card, your smartphone, a lipstick and keys. Minimalist and reduced to the essentials. A feminine, stylish accessory that will accentuate your outfit.

Leather clutch - an enchanting look for unforgettable moments

In the golden 20s, the decade of parties, glamour and decadence, the clutch experienced its first big boom. At that time still called an underarm bag, it accompanied the emancipated wearers to debauched dances and parties. Even today, the small handbags are worn as discreet accessories predominantly on festive occasions.

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