A backpack made of leather or a different material?

Whether for university, work, hiking or leisure, a backpack is always the right companion for your adventure! Discover our backpacks made of natural materials like organic leather, natural canvas and our newcomer: recycled Ocean-Bound plastic fabric.

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    High-quality backpacks for every occasion

    For a long time, a backpack was only accepted as a practical but not particularly stylish accessory. For some time now, however, the backpack has been able to shed its boring reputation and transform itself into a fashion item that is indispensable in today's fashion world. The leather backpack is particularly popular and valuable. Whether made of hard-wearing saddle leather, soft and characteristic suede or elegant modern smooth leather. The backpack made of genuine leather will be your long-lasting companion thanks to its high-quality finish. You will find the right bag for every style. The versatile smooth leather underlines your classically elegant business look in the office and creates an urban-modern detail at the evening after-work party. For a boho-vintage chic look, brown pull-up leather is the casual alternative and underlines your dreamy cottagecore look. The love for the backpack and all its functions goes so far that people literally live out of their trekking backpacks in order to travel the world as flexibly as possible.

    Sustainable backpacks made of marine plastic - vegan and water-repellent

    The recycled unisex daypack from Sons of Aloha is made of ocean-bound plastic. So when you buy, you're not only doing something good for yourself, but also for the environment. Because the plastic used in our backpack will never end up in our ocean again. The sustainable bag is ideal for use as a school backpack, hiking backpack or as a companion on your next trip. The organised compartments inside keep things tidy and are easy to reach thanks to the smooth-running zip. Both those made of leather or plastic. Most of our bags have a padded laptop compartment, which protects your computer from external influences. The bag with the sporty look is also equipped with comfortable shoulder straps that take the weight off your shoulders.

    The Rolltop Backpack - Function and Design Combined

    The backpack is making a big comeback - whether it's a leather backpack, a canvas backpack or a backpack made of recycled plastic, the magic word is the same for all of them: storage space. The newcomer of the year is the rolltop backpack. Whether made of leather or plastic, our high-quality backpacks impress with their easy handling and flexibly adjustable volume. Backpacks are available in all possible sizes. Starting with a size of 20 litres, the roll-top backpack can be flexibly adapted to the respective situation. Light as a feather on the road but still plenty of storage space? Unthinkable with a handbag. The backpack, however, manages to combine both with ease. Carrying them on both shoulders not only protects our backs, it also frees up our hands to move in life without annoying obstacles. In addition, backpacks offer plenty of space for small items thanks to separate compartments and compartments on the outside and inside. This keeps everything tidy and even when moving around a lot, they ensure that everything stays in place. Whether it's an extra mobile phone case, computer sleeve or pocket for small change, the cumbersome search in the depths of a large handbag has finally come to an end. In a backpack, you have your things at hand at all times. This gives the backpack a clear advantage in terms of functionality and comfort over the leather shoulder bag or handbag. But can it also keep up with the handbag in terms of styling? Our answer: Definitely, the backpack can be much more than just practical!

    Backpack 2.0: A stylish all-rounder

    This season, the backpack is being celebrated as an it-piece by numerous influencers and bloggers. Combined with both casual and chic outfits, they add style to your look and save you from a fashion faux pas. Thanks to different shapes and materials, backpacks have become real all-rounders and ideal companions in everyday life, at the office or at parties. Backpacks can be combined with different outfits in different ways - the canvas backpack as a sporty addition to everyday life, the mini backpack as a finishing touch to an elegant dress at a party or the leather backpack that stands for a casual fashion statement with its vintage look. It thus far surpasses its ability to be merely practical and skilfully supports the personal look. The backpack 2.0 is proof that functionality and fashion consciousness are not mutually exclusive, but can even be combined very well.

    Stylish can also be practical: Women's backpacks in genuine leather

    The women's world is also turning more towards the practical and at the same time functional style direction. Cool design combined with practical functions makes everyday life a lot easier. Whether for work, sports or the city. The backpack offers men and women many advantages in various stylish shapes and sizes. However, men's and women's backpacks differ greatly from each other in terms of external implementation. First of all, it is noticeable that there is a significantly greater variation of different sizes of backpacks for women. From the mini backpack to the practical daypack to the large backpack, the variety is almost endless. In addition, there are almost no limits when it comes to design and colour - subtle colours or bright tones, backpacks with extra pockets, zips, buckles, buttons, rivets, etc. There are no limits to your wishes. But what all backpacks have in common, despite their differences, is the owner's yearning for order, storage space and a fashionable accessory. And these wishes can definitely be fulfilled by the backpack.

    Long-time friends: men's backpacks in leather and canvas

    Men tend to be more practical when it comes to the shape of a backpack: lots of storage space, separate compartments, clean lines and subtle colours like black, brown or cognac. But that's why the backpacks are just as stylish and make a good impression even with a business outfit. For leisure time, however, it's more casual: canvas backpacks in warmer colours like blue or beige complement the outfit of the fashion-conscious man even after work. Alternatively, the gym bag is also very popular at the moment and makes your outfit look even more casual. For those with a penchant for street style, our leather backpacks are just the thing. They underline your style and set a fashionable accent.

    A beautiful back can be charming? With the right backpack for sure!

    Whether it's a bike tour, a city trip or university - there is often not enough storage space in bags, especially for longer stays away from home. To put an end to precisely this problem, clever minds developed an innovation years ago: the backpack. But what makes it so special? It comes in a wide variety of designs. But the leather backpack in particular has made its mark in the fashion industry and scores points with its elegant appearance, but is also the perfect eye-catcher for every back. After years of only paying attention to function, fortunately taste and the idea of sustainability are back in the world of backpacks.

    Not yet convinced by our leather backpacks?

    Particularly due to the clean craftsmanship in the manufacturing process, the Backpack Trend will become your long-lasting and stylish companion. But if you still think a backpack is only suitable for hiking, sports or travelling, you should take a look at our range before making your final judgement. Our models for men and women are suitable for everyday use as well as for special occasions and give your look that special something. Check it out!