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About Us

"With myBagFactory.com we have fulfilled our long-standing dream and can offer you a completely new product and service experience for high quality leather bags, travel bags, suitcases and accessories."

Oliver Strauß & NiK Strauß bring together their years of experience in fashion and accessories design, international marketing and eCommerce into an innovative and individual concept.

We design and sell all products ourselves. Through direct online sales without intermediaries, we can offer you unbeatable prices. The high quality and longevity of our products is very important to us. We love the natural material leather and attach great importance to the origin and production of the material in the production of our bags. For all products, we follow the motto of sustainability and therefore offer a practical repair service and second-use support.

First and foremost we have a direct contact with our customers and offer to respond to your individual wishes. myBagFactory is your trully personal studio, that creates an unique or individualized products, like classic-high quality embossings or modern airbrush motifs on request.

My-bagfactory - as individual as you are ....

That's how it all started ...

An interview with the Founder and Creative Director of my-BagFactory, NiK Strauß:

"I just could not find the one perfect bag that had the simple, reduced style I love so much. Practical functions for every day was as important to me at an affordable price. It should be made of leather. I love the smell and the great feeling of leather in my hand I wanted to create a bag that would give me many years of pleasure and over time leave my mark – that’s only possible with leather!"

This search was the inspiration for the first bag collection under the FEYNSINN brand.

Oliver & NiK were both employed and together had the desire to start with their own small project "It was time for something special". In the beginning there was only the idea to make "more" out of their own passion for accessories and above all handbags. Oliver bring his experience from the marketing and eCommerce field and thanks to the online sales channel, they were able to realize their vision of high quality but fair priced leather bags.

NiK brought the design expertise and enhanced it with a degree in accessory design in Milan and London. In Milan, she learned every step from scratch to the finished bag. In London, she enhanced her studies on trends, market developments and collection creation.
NiK produced the first prototypes: "Actually, it was only for me to test what's possible, but I was often asked from which brand is this bag and where did I buy it." That was the last impulse they both needed to quit their jobs and start the dream of myBagFactory. NiK & Oliver Strauß started in Geneva, Switzerland and produced their first bags exclusively in their studio.

handmade with love….

Variety for every occasion

Our team is constantly working to provide our customers with a stylish partner in the form of a bag or luggage for every occasion to choose from. In the past, we have often taken ideas from you and developed them for you. In this sense, we have also created brand lines for different styles and occasions of use.

After the first puristic-urban product line from FEYNSINN, Oliver came up with the idea to launch a new travel and luggage line. On a train journey from Geneva to Paris, he had the idea of offering high-quality designed suitcases in the mid-price segment. We tested many designs, materials and visited numerous factories to find a partner that met our quality and price criteria. We found what we were looking for in Anhui, China and after a long quest with design and development period, we introduced the innovative FERGÉ travel and luggage brand.

During Nik's design studies at the renowned fashion and design academy MODAPELLA in Milan, she met a good Italian friend. Through customer requests and suggestions, the two decided together to develop an exclusive bag series of genuine leather and Italian flair ... BACCINI was born.

Also inspired by conversations with customers and ideas for bags for college, school or work. Our team worked with students from Stanford University in California on a bag series for student life around college, leisure and office. The products are manufactured under the brand name SID & VAIN.

... celebrate diversity 

Fashion-conscious and yet sustainable?

The topic of sustainability at myBagFactory runs like a "green thread" throughout the entire company. But we are also fashion and trend conscious. How can this be combined?

Many companies launch cheap fashion products that are not "in" after a few weeks and soon end up in the garbage. Products from our brand lines are made as environmentally friendly and fair as possible. In terms of materials and processing technologies, we take great importance to high quality and a long service life. In addition, we offer repair service - "Repair is better than throwing away", as even the best and the most sturdy bags can get damaged. For us, this also means developing products in such a way, that important parts of their construction are interchangeable and possible defects are easy to repair.

But how can a sustainable leather bag be fashionable at the same time? For us, this is not a contradiction - our design team around NiK Strauss develops beautiful products that are based on the long trend trends and are therefore timeless in fashion. We also do not always dye the products in new trend colours but make sure that we have bags and colours that can be wonderfully combined to the new trend themes. It would be too bad to have to put a nice genuine leather bag in the corner again after the spring because the colour is no longer trendy.

handmade with love…