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Leather Accessories & More

Complement your look with stylish accessories made of genuine leather. Whether it's a leather bag, a leather apron, cosmetic bag or belt, you'll find beautiful accessories made of high quality leather.

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    Leather accessories as the highlight of your look!

    Even in the Middle Ages, people attached great importance to these useful helpers, and even today it's impossible to imagine life without them. They are simply constantly part of your individual appearance to stand out from the crowd. Often it is the small, special things that give that certain something. With this philosophy we develop our unique leather products especially for you. Supple, hard-wearing, durable: leather is a genuine natural product! The ideal material for the production of high-quality accessories for your very special look. Since our great passion are bags and leather products, you can set exactly with us - your style again unique accents with our leather accessories. In our online store you will find small and large accessories made of leather - we present a small selection here.

    The world of the wallet

    The purse what to add to this great - there are countless colors, variations and shapes. But the most proven is still the one made of leather, it simply withstands more than your motley kin. Our leather wallets not only have an amazing capacity, but are also very durable. Once all card compartments and viewing windows are equipped and the money has been well accommodated, the format is still suitable back pockets. Our ladies also get their money's worth with our fashionable women's wallets from FEYNSINN, which are designed to meet the very specific needs of women. Has one meanwhile almost in every store its own customer card, depending on where you buy everywhere comes together there quite a bit and also for your cell phone we have provided for enough storage space. Whether it should be the waiter's purse or just something small for the pocket we have simply thought of everything.

    A leather belt always belongs to every successful outfit!

    Every style can be spiced up nowadays depending on your personal taste, namely with our leather belts from Sid & Vain. Here you have not only a top price, but also an excellent leather quality. With a classic, accurate and high quality leather belt you can tell that the person really cares about his appearance and leaves nothing to chance anymore. Whether business or casual, our leather belts can be combined with almost all your looks. With us you will find durable leather belts for men and women.

    We bring the toilet bag back into your life

    Toilet bag, wash bag, bath bag, travel toilet bag already in the vernacular it had many names, but everyone knows its important use. Surely you've had your toothpaste or day cream spill out of your travel bag, right? Us too, - and that's exactly why we turned boring "toilet bags" into fashionable leather accessories. fashionable leather accessories. It is ideal to quickly and easily have the necessary utensils for personal hygiene at hand when traveling.

    A modern version of classic leather aprons

    "The all-rounder" so we call our leather aprons, because you find your use not only in the kitchen, but also, for example, in the craft is used with pleasure. Also at the barbecue you make an ideal figure and can inspire your guests every time anew. You can also have your apron personalized by us, whether it is your initials or you just want to have the name of a loved one engraved, there are no limits to your imagination.

    Buy small and large leather accessories online

    We won't leave you hanging!

    With our keychains you have everything under control - it is always very annoying to lose your bunch of keys in the heat of the moment. If you are one of those scatterbrained people, then you need the right leather keychain and we have it for you in our online store.

    For all our passionate photographers the right camera bag

    Our trendy and practical leather camera bag is perfect for storing all your photo equipment and looks great with its brown leather tone. In a timeless design, we present you our photo bag, which will definitely attract envious glances on vacation or on the road. We found this standard bag made of nylon fabric boring and wanted to create something extraordinary, with our Sid & Vain camera bag we have achieved our goal all along the line .

    Our leather shoe protector will improve the motorcycle world a little bit

    Anyone who has ever ridden a motorcycle, knows the problem only too well and namely dirty or with pressure marks provided places on your beloved shoes. Of course we know how safe motorcycle boots are, but in terms of appearance and functionality we have clearly caught up. Because the short trip to the supermarket can now be made easier with our shoe protector LOKI from FEYNSINN because you simply strap over the sneaker and go. There is now an end to the dirt, because with our gearshift booster you can now carefree with your motorcycle through the area düsen.