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Carry-on luggage for your next trip - exclusive and affordable at myBagFactory

Whether for a short trip or as hand luggage on a business trip, you can take the small trolleys from myBagFactory with you on the plane. With four wheels and in many colours.

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Buy the perfect carry-on luggage suitcase for your trip

With one click, you've just booked a last-minute flight to Budapest. From now on, you don't want to waste any more time. That's why you grab your stylish carry-on suitcase from, which will always accompany you on your spontaneous short trips.

Advantages of our carry-on luggage suitcases:

- Standardised carry-on luggage size, suitable for every airline

- Low dead weight

- Lightweight and resistant materials

- 360° smooth-running castors

- Unique designs from Munich

- Fair low prices without middleman markup

- Free shipping

Suitcases & Trolleys as hand luggage: Size matters

Before you embark on your long-awaited holiday, you should know that each airline has its own standards and dimensions for cabin baggage, which can change from time to time. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) sets a standard size for cabin baggage, but this is not binding on member airlines. As these values often fluctuate, you can use the following rule of thumb for carry-on luggage: In Economy Class, only one piece of carry-on luggage is usually allowed, such as a 20" trolley, backpack or briefcase. The carry-on suitcases we offer are adapted to the standard carry-on luggage sizes, so you should have no trouble taking your suitcase onto the plane. In general, several or heavier pieces of carry-on luggage are allowed on board in Business and First Class. In addition to suitcases and trolleys, laptop bags , which you can also buy in our online shop, and garment bags are permitted as cabin baggage. We have summarised more information on the permitted carry-on luggage sizes and quantities for you in our hand luggage guide hand luggage should be light and cheap. So if you want to buy a carry on suitcase, make sure you get the right dimensions. A hand luggage trolley 55x35x22 cm meets the airlines specifications. These carry-on luggage trolleys are light and offer plenty of space. They are available as carry-on luggage trolleys with 4 soft-shell wheels or as hard-shell carry-on luggage trolleys. An alternative to a suitcase is a lightweight bag as a hand luggage travel companion. You can also store a lot in a travel bag. Take a look at our range of travel bags and see if you can find a new favourite for your trip. As we said, your hand luggage should be light and the right size so you'll never have trouble checking it in at the airport. However, you'll still want to take a few things with you on your trip and have space for clothes, cosmetics, etc. Our cheap, light hand luggage trolleys have enough space for a city trip of several days, a business trip or a weekend trip to family and friends. Are you now of the opinion that a carry-on luggage suitcase should definitely be one of your travel companions? Then you can choose from a wide range of colours, shapes and materials for cabin luggage cases.

Hard-shell suitcase vs. soft-shell suitcase

One of the biggest advantages of a hard-shell case is the robust casing. This makes the case very stable and protects the contents. This is especially important if you want to transport fragile items such as glass, liquid containers or technical equipment. The case is also water-repellent and protects your clothes from getting wet. Another advantage of a hard case is that it is easy to clean due to its smooth surface. Soiling can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth.

Most soft-sided suitcases are made of durable fabrics such as polyester or nylon. This makes the suitcase very stretchy and offers great flexibility. In addition, most wichschalen trolleys have a front pocket. This can be used to stow items such as travel documents that need to be easily accessible during the trip.

What is the better choice? As you can see, there is no clear answer to this question. Both types of suitcase have their advantages and disadvantages. The decisive factor is what you value more. If you want to protect your contents in particular, then a hard case is the better choice. If you attach more importance to a stretchable shell, then you should choose a soft-shell case. Ultimately, it's also a question of looks.

What is not allowed in a wheeled suitcase carry-on luggage?

If you ask yourself this question every time before your upcoming holiday, you're not alone. Many travellers find the carry-on luggage regulations too opaque and complicated. In addition, the regulations sometimes differ from country to country and airline to airline .

There are, however, a few rules that apply to most situations. To give you an overview, we have collected the everyday things that may not be transported in hand luggage.

- Pure razor blades that are not embedded in plastic

- Liquids that exceed 100ml. (Baby food is an exception here)

- Lighter

- Hiking and trekking poles

- Knives and scissors (also nail scissors)

- Pointed objects (e.g. a nailscissors or knitting needle)

- Small medical thermometer with mercury

Easy Travel with carry-on luggage trolleys

For us at, functionality and stability are the top priorities for our carry-on luggage trolleys. But for us, fashionable sophistication is also part of an all-round successful in-flight luggage. That's why our online shop offers a wide selection of perfectly designed carry-on luggage trolleys in sizes 55 x 34 x 22 cm.

Carry-on luggage suitcase set

Our small and compact suitcases with wheels hold everything you need for a short trip. But sometimes you just need a bit more luggage, for example for a longer flight or a summer holiday. But don't worry, you don't have to buy a new suitcase before every holiday. Just get one of our many casesets, which always include an in-flight luggage case. This way you don't just have a carry-on luggage suitcase, but also a medium-sized and a large suitcase at home. With a suitcase set made of hard shell or soft shell, nothing stands in the way of your next trip! Of course, we will deliver your new carry-on luggage trolley or your set to your home free of shipping costs. Your travel equipment is almost perfect, but something is missing? Sure, a first-class leather travel bag, that's close by your side on land, in the air and on water. Would you like to embellish your suitcase with initials or pictures using the air-brush technique? Then be sure to check out our customisable luggage!

Have a great trip with your personal desired carry-on luggage suitcase!