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We work daily on new designs and the optimisation of our products. Stay up to date and browse through our latest leather bags, luggage sets, backpacks and more.

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    Always up to date - New leather bags & luggage sets for you

    To make sure you're always up to date and don't miss anything, you'll find all the models that have just been added to our range in our "New" category. No matter if you just want to be inspired or if you want to be the first to have one of our new models: You're sure to find what you're looking for here. Both beautiful new leather women's bags and new men's bags can be found here.

    The latest bag shapes and colours of the season are represented here. Whether cross-body bag, classic tote bag, shopper or travel luggage- You're sure to find what you like in our new products category. And if you can't find what you're looking for, check out our other categories like bags, backpacks or travel luggage.

    You can also discover new leather accessories here, such as our belts or wallets. After all, you can never have enough beautiful accessories. Only the right little things make our outfit complete and unique. They also make wonderful little gifts. If you want something really special, we also offer you the option of customization

    your bag with your initials, for example.

    Classically revamped: Bags and suitcases not only for travelling

    In our shop you will find classic leather bags in the typical black and brown colours. But for us, classic doesn't mean old and boring.
    For example, we offer a wide range of messenger bags in different variations. This way you can find your new leather bag to suit your needs. All are unique and well thought out. Like our simple JOOLS wallet, which is a mobile phone case and wallet in one. Such new creations make your everyday life much easier, can be combined in many ways and still have a unique design.

    New is always better

    Fashion is constantly changing - if you love not only rediscovering yourself, but also tracking down the latest bag trends, then my-bagfactory is the place for you. New bags add variety to your wardrobe, so you can always create new looks. We have our very own bag styles that you won't find anywhere else. We also like to try out unusual ideas - for example, our high-quality leather garment bag or the practical shoe protector for your next motorbike tour. We want to make your everyday life as easy as possible.

    On to new shores - courage to change

    We are often stuck when it comes to our choice of bags or clothes. We stay true to our favourite colours, we always combine our outfits according to the same pattern, we always carry the same practical bag. But why not try something different? Find a bag shape, that you've never had before. Maybe you'll learn to love it. Try a completely different colour. It doesn't always have to be black. Dark red or olive can also be combined in many ways and still breathe a new freshness into you. Just choose something you wouldn't have chosen otherwise. Dare to try it and you will certainly be pleasantly surprised.

    New bag, new attitude to life

    Who doesn't love wearing a new bag for the first time? It's always special to combine it for the first time and discover completely new outfit variations. The best thing is when the new piece blends in so well with the rest of our wardrobe that it just goes with it everywhere. And at some point you ask yourself: why didn't I buy this before? Here, we want to offer you exactly this kind of leather bag, so that this question doesn't even have to arise!

    Quality has its price! ...Hasn’t it?

    Stylish cross-body bag, elegant clutch or business bag: You alone decide which new addition will be your new favourite. But with us you only get bags that meet our own standards - and they are pretty high! Our bags are manufactured by hand and are characterised by high-quality workmanship. Nevertheless, you won't find leather bags this cheap anywhere else. We do without the middleman: the leather bag comes directly from us, directly to you. This way, we can offer you low prices for high-quality products and make you happy.

    Our assortment is getting bigger and bigger and therefore also higher quality. We are constantly developing and only produce well thought-out leather bags for you. Every new leather bag contains our experience, our know-how and our passion. We want to offer you the bag that you need and that perfectly meets your needs. This includes well thought-out weekender bags as well as messenger bags and timeless business and laptop bags. So it's worth taking a look every now and then.