Create your own bag or luggage:

as unique as you are!

You are an individualist and want to stand out of the crowd? Are you bored of mass-produced items? Just like us! " With a life dream came true. Today, we can offer you a previously not seen range of individuality at fair price." Oliver Strauß & NiK Strauß combine their long experience and deep skills in fashion and accessories design and marketing to create an innovative and individual concept.

With us, everything is possible - from the very popular, discreet branding of the initials; through the modern airbrushing of wish motifs to the completely new created, fully custom-designed leather bag. There are no limits to your imagination. Since we only work with high-quality materials such as leather, natural canvas or DureFlex (for luggage pieces), we recommend you to get in touch with us, if you wish larger airbrush motifs. We will discuss your vision, to ensure that you will be happy with the result and your own-created genuine leather bag or the individual luggage set for many years.

All of our items are designed and manufactured by us and we can advise you very expertly and provide you with material and design tips. In addition, we can also offer you a really fair price because we produce all articles ourselves and without intermediaries, directly online to you.

Personalisierte Taschen Gepäck
Personalisierte Taschen Anleitung

How can I personalize an item?

The quickest and easiest way is by selecting an existing article, whether leather bag or luggage bag, and then individualize it with our product configurator. Initalia, sayings or motifs in branding or airbrushing are possible. You can read more about individual options such as one-offs and custom-made products in the separate chapters below.

You can recognize customizable bags on black „my“ circle shown above the article or simply use the filter "INDIVIDUALIZABLE" in the chosen category. You can also click here for a complete overview. Not all bags and accessories are suitable for all individualization types. Our Configurator shows you directly in the article view the possible options for the selected article.

The configurator (also shown on the left) can be found on the chosen product page on the left. You only have to click on individualization and then open the options. The costs for individualization are displayed directly in the Configurator and depend on time, material consumption and size. Important: Individualized items are excluded from the exchange!

Branding – the noble finishing with initials or slogans

In this case, a branding iron is fitted with individual letters and characters made of metal, heated and burnt into the leather, similar to a brand mark (therefore also in English branding). Branding is the oldest and most popular type of leather embossing, besides punching ("hitting" without heat).

The temperature and applied pressure are decisive for the branding result. The range between 130 ° C and 150 ° C has proved to be a success. On the other hand, the metal has to have a certain heat to reach the deformation of the leather, on the other hand, too much heat damages the leather again. Also, the stamp has to be pressed in the correct pressure in order to achieve the desired result.

The hot embossing is certainly the most common and subtle finishing technology for leather. We use the so-called branding procedure and press the wished letters into the leather. The stamp into the leather creates a 1-2 mm deep relief design which is very high-quality and durable. Embossing and branding are methods with long tradition, which guarantee a noble and sophisticated look. Although branding has many clear advantages (high-quality, long-lasting, palpable), unfourtunately we cannot offer this individualization option for every material. One great alternative for individualisation is Airbrush.

Airbrush - the modern form of individualisation

With this method high-pressure ink is sprayed onto the leather by a fine spray gun. Airbrushing allows a high creativity and allows theoretically all motifs, designs and colors. For the different materials there are matching special paints in different colors.

Although we are constantly in contact with the manufacturers of these special airbrush paints, the selection of high-quality, long-lasting paints that meet our sustainability requirements is still limited. We currently offer 9 different colors. Each motif is realized with its own stencil. The paint is sprayed from a distance of approx. 20 cm and then applied mostly in 2-3 steps.

After 24 hours of air drying, the product is heat-treated for a short time and then the article is ready for use. In the product configurator, you can simply choose whether you want to use airbrush for initials, sayings or motifs. Regarding to the possibilities with the different materials, bag and luggage forms, we have already limited the options to those, which are proved for good results. A selection is already displayed for you in the Configurator. However, if you have your own motif, you can simply contact us and we will discuss the motif (see next chapter).

Unique custom motifs

You are creative and want to express yourself turning your own handbag, crossbody bag or messenger bag into something truly individual? Do you like traveling and want to make your travel bag or luggage more individual, so that you always have fun with it during your travel?

In any case, you will recognize your luggage immediately on every baggage claim - confusion impossible! With our Airbrush technique countless ideas of individualization are possible: lettering, comic motifs, geometric motifs, urban art, tattoo style, tribal, love messages, classic motifs like stars, anchors, hearts, and many many more.

Our Design Team can implement any of your ideas for a motif. Color gradients and very large formats could be more challenging on most leather bags, but still not impossible – just let us know, we will advise you. Our team also coaches you in terms of keeping the costs at your budget. Basically we always only charge our expenses, because in this creative area our goal is not to make much profit.

For us, it is great fun creating beautiful motifs with you! All our creative motifs will automatically participate in our creative competition in autumn. The winner can create a completely new, own bag design and get it as a present. We would love to introduce the winner with the new bag through our public relations and social media channels. We wish you a great inspiration and good luck!

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Customized products – unique leather bags

Here we are in the most creative area. Your bag will be completely handcrafted according to your to your design idea. Our design team, mostly NiK Strauß, will then be at your side and coaching you through the designing process and prototyping. Together, we will find from a bunch of different types of leather, e.g. Soft smooth leather, nubuck leather or tighter saddle the one, which is perfectly suiting for your idea.

At the same time, you will choose the matching color and the best size of the leather bag. With the good support from our experienced designer Nik, your finished prototype will probably fit already the first time. If not, we will assist and make it work! There are no limits four your design wishes - you have the whole wide range of bags available: crossbody bags, shoulder bags, handbags, clutches, backpacks, travel bags, camera bags, and many many more ...

The only requirement is to work with genuine leather, since we will achieve the best fit with this beautiful material. We have already taken some of the custom-created bag designs into our collection and paid the designer a creative prize. In this case, we will not charge for extra time. Rather, we work together to promote your great bag design!