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Discover our mobile phone and tablet sleeves - in leather, felt and with ribbon

Protect your Ipad, iPhone or tablet with high-quality sleeves made of genuine leather, felt or high-quality TPU with interchangeable straps for hanging around.

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Beautiful tablet and leather phone sleeves

Mobile phone cases are available everywhere, often you see a cheap one at the checkout while shopping and grab it without further ado. But experience shows that these types of phone cases are quickly discarded: After holding your smartphone in your hand every day, your phone case wears out very quickly. That's why many people eventually get fed up with the cheap impulse buys and turn to a higher-quality alternative. Welcome to MyBagFactory!

Discover our high-quality mobile phone cases and tablet cases. They are handmade from fine leather, robust and durable.

Which mobile phone case or tablet sleeve is right for me?

First you have to decide between two fundamentally different variants: Are you looking for a plastic or silicone case to clip your smartphone or tablet into? Or a case in which you can safely transport your phone and tablet? Both variants offer different protection, and we may even recommend that you use both: The case protects your device, especially during use. If it falls out of your hand or off the table, a plastic case can save it. For transport in a tote bag, we also recommend a mobile phone case or tablet case. This way you can be sure that your mobile phone or tablet is completely protected from all sides. Cases made of high-quality leather are particularly beautiful and have a high-quality feel. But felt cases are also advantageous, as your valuable device is so well padded!

Mobile phone cases to wear around your neck - great IT piece by Ring my Bell from Berlin

We recently started a great cooperation with Ring my Bell from Berlin. The small company from the capital produces high-quality smartphone cases to wear around your neck. The best thing about the phone cases to wear around your neck: All chains and straps are interchangeable. So you can easily adapt the style of your phone case to your outfit, your mood or the occasion. The cases themselves are made of high-quality TPU material, are flexible, break-proof and protect a mobile phone from shocks. In addition, there is a small non-slip silicone plate on the back of the case, which nevertheless enables inductive charging. The smartphone cases designed in Berlin stand out from conventional mobile phone cases thanks to their extremely sophisticated design and cool look.

Why order your mobile phone bag from myBagFactory?

With our online shop, in addition to the unique price-performance ratio, you also get the following advantages:

- Lightweight and resistant materials in top quality

- Unique design, which was developed by us

- The possibility to personalise the mobile phone case or tablet case with your initials and make it your own