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Gifts play an important role in our lives. Not only at Christmas time, but also in everyday life, gifts are essential and can be appropriate in a partnership, in a friendship or even in professional life.

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    What role do gifts play in our lives?

    Gift-giving is an ancient symbolism of sympathy, joy or gratitude. Thus, by giving gifts we express social appreciation, praise and recognition. Gifts can be personal to leave a lasting impression or simply attract attention.

    The Language of Love

    Gifts may be just a give and take for some - but for many also an alternative to communicate feelings. People who express their love with gifts don't wait for occasions like birthdays, Christmas or anniversaries. They give gifts when they feel like it, the way they feel.

    There is nothing more beautiful than to love and be loved. But how can we recognise that the other person really feels loved and that our expressions of love hit them right in the heart? It's not about doing anything nice for the other person, but the right thing. Because there are 5 different languages of love - and one of them is gifts. The gift type appreciates it when a suitable gift is carefully chosen. For him, it is a sign of love when someone already thinks about the wishes of the recipient when choosing the gift and takes a lot of time to surprise him. Be it a well-kept leather briefcase, a high-quality leather wallet , or an elegant backpack made of leather, natural canvas or recycled Ocean-Bound plastic fabric materials.

    How do I find a suitable gift?

    Often, however, it is not so easy to find the right gift. Or we forget to take care of a gift in time, although most people know that: The more individual a gift is, the greater the joy it brings. Especially at Christmas time, it is often not that easy. Those who are looking for a gift for family, friends or acquaintances are often without ideas and do not know what the person to be given can use.

    It is necessary that gifts are chosen to suit the person who is to receive the gift. This is because the choice of possible gifts is usually very large, but it can be very difficult to find something really good. However, a well-chosen gift can trigger positive feelings in the person receiving the gift. If you know a person and their hobbies, and their interests are known, it is usually much easier to find a suitable gift than if you have to give a gift to someone you hardly know. It is therefore important to think about what gifts would be suitable even a few weeks before Christmas or a birthday. Gift ideas for men and women can be found at our Gift Finder.

    Gifts for women and men

    What gifts for men are popular?

    The gifts that are given in Germany every year are usually quite similar. Especially at Christmas time, for example, people like to give purses or belts as gifts. Gifts made of leather have generally been very popular for a long time. Many men are happy to receive a high-quality bag for men. Among the bags that are popular as gifts are, of course, laptop bags, backpacks and travel bags, which have consistently appeared among the top gifts for many years.

    The Perfect Handbag Gift for Women

    A bag is the ideal gift idea for women - whether for a birthday, Mother's Day or an anniversary. It is a useful object and a stylish accessory at the same time. Women can hardly have enough bags: a practical shoulder bag for everyday life, a spacious shopper bag for the shopping tour or an elegant clutch for the evening at the theatre. With a handbag as a gift, you're on the right track. And bags are just as good a gift idea for men: whether as a backpack, a laptop bag or a travel bag.