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In business, it's all about making a lasting impression on clients and colleagues. In addition to your strong personality, your briefcase made of genuine leather or natural canvas is the focal point of your rousing appearance. Thanks to its sophisticated design, this high-quality work bag can hold not only all the important documents for the upcoming meeting, but also technical devices such as your office smartphone or tablet.

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    High-quality briefcases for men and women

    In business, it's not just about expertise and an outstanding portfolio. It's about making a lasting impression on customers and colleagues right from the start. In addition to your strong personality, your leather briefcase from is the focal point of your rousing appearance. Inside the high-quality work bag are all the important documents for the upcoming meeting. You can also easily store technical devices such as your office smartphone or tablet in your business bag made of high-quality leather. In our online shop you will also find models in 15 inch laptop size, which can even fit your Ultrabook for presentations.

    You benefit from the following advantages in our online shop:

    - Leather briefcases from our own production

    - Many of our models can be customised

    - Unique designs that we create exclusively for our customers

    Leather briefcase: the right model for your job

    Your leather briefcase will accompany you from the morning team meeting to lunch with business partners to the after-work party in a stylish ambience. The practical office bag has many compartments and built-in pockets that allow you to store your documents systematically so that you have everything at hand at the decisive moments. On top of that, your business documents are optimally protected from creasing and external influences such as rain showers. Discover a large selection of men's leather briefcases in our online shop, which impress with their extraordinary look and functionality. When buying a business bag, it is not only the aesthetics that play a decisive role, but also your professional environment. Fashion-conscious pupils, students and teachers have different requirements for a leather briefcase than an accomplished manager, free-spirited artist or young start-up entrepreneur. Depending on the area of use, the leather briefcase changes its appearance and its name. Leather briefcases are also known under the terms school bag, teacher's bag, college bag, unit bag as well as office bag. Accordingly, the light and compact work bag is much sought after by young people and adults.

    Another criterion that should not be underestimated is the size of the bag. It is particularly helpful if you take a close look at the contents of the bag and weigh up which utensils you use every day. This will give you a good starting point for making a suitable pre-selection. Be warned: we have a very wide range of first-class leather briefcases. This will certainly make it difficult for you to buy just one model... But that's no problem, because men and women can never have enough leather briefcases for different occasions at work and in their free time!

    Leather briefcase: free hands or prefer to have everything firmly in hand?

    No material embodies pure elegance better than leather. That's why this hard-wearing natural material is perfect for making perfectly shaped briefcases. Over time, our briefcases made of fine smooth leather become buttery soft and supple. At the same time, the briefcases gain structure. Genuine leather has the great advantage over imitation leather that it does not wear out as much and is more durable. Modern leather briefcases are rectangular in shape. In contrast to earlier models, they are absolutely manoeuvrable and anything but rigid. To close the office bag, you can choose between magnetic closures, buckle closures and click closures in our online shop. The type of closure depends on the style of the leather briefcase. Sophisticated details round off the leather business bag. These include, for example, integrated zips and patch pockets. Thanks to detachable shoulder straps and a carrying handle, leather briefcases are practical and can be carried on one shoulder or firmly in the hand, as desired.

    Fifty Shades Of Brown: high-quality briefcase in brown, cognac & black

    We at focus on a balanced price-performance ratio and a clean look for our leather briefcases. Your new office bag should show off your personality and underline your professionalism. All the models you can buy in our online shop are handmade with the utmost care. The colours of our smooth leather bags are dominated by the earthy and puristic nuances of black, brown, cognac and camel beige. In our store, you can buy leather briefcases exclusively under the brands FEYNSINN and SID & VAIN. The models of the FEYNSINN brand are based on minimalist Scandi Chic and embody the straightforward style from the far north. The SID & VAIN brand fuses vintage flair with modern influences to create all-round successful leather briefcases.

    Initials or saying: personalise your leather briefcase

    Nothing is more in demand in the business world these days than ambition, willpower and individuality. You are responsible for the first two qualities, but we take care of the third with our exceptional leather briefcases. Our filter "customisable" shows you all the teacher bags that you can embellish in our configurator with personal initials or sayings that are embossed on the front of the bottom flap. If you prefer a different position, simply contact us before you place your order and we will find a solution. This will not only make your leather briefcase from our online shop unique, but will also serve as a super interesting topic for small talk to start a conversation with a potential business partner. Of course, a customised leather business bag is a great gift idea for example, when starting out in professional life or as a goodie after a long-awaited promotion.

    Men's Briefcase: All-Over Look & Edgy Style for Men

    Leather briefcases for men are not only multifunctional, they also have a lot of unexpected fashion potential. In the beginning, these elegant business bags were associated with busy global players. In recent years, the image of the office bag has turned around 180 degrees. Casual looks with a leather briefcase used to be unimaginable, but male and female street style stars prove that the teacher's bag has shed its stuffy image. All-over looks in one shade are currently en vogue. Beige in particular highlights a man's assets extremely well. The look becomes coherent when the nuance is picked up in slim-fit fabric trousers, a knitted pullover and a woollen coat. Keep it clean with shoes and a briefcase in camel beige from our online shop. If you want to stay in the same colour family but still like variety, choose a briefcase in dark brown or cognac. The leather briefcase for men is also a must-have for smart occasions in your free time. For a casual yet dignified outfit, go for jeans with a dark wash, a light blue shirt, a dark blue jacket and lace-up shoes in a chocolate shade. A black leather briefcase from our online shop looks particularly elegant with a black biker jacket, a dark striped jumper, anthracite trousers and worn Chelsea boots.

    To all women: Complete the nude look with a briefcase for women

    On the job, women need expressive power looks that speak for themselves. A black briefcase made of high-quality, firm saddle leather is the perfect styling partner for pencil skirts, blazers, fitted blouses, shift dresses, trouser suits, stirrup trousers and jumpsuits made of fine fabrics. Pointed high heels for good posture complement the outfit perfectly. If you're going straight from the office to clubbing, buy a camel-beige leather briefcase from beforehand. Clothing in nude tones harmonises perfectly with the teacher's bag - for example, with white destroyed jeans, a satin top, coat and pumps with lacing in the same tone as the leather briefcase. On colder days, a knee-length knit dress, black tights and black over-the-knee boots will put you at the top of the style rankings. For a cosy look, wear a checked poncho over the top. Add some excitement with a slim belt made of dark brown leather, just like your college bag. If you're going to explore the city on your bike in the summer, you have to take your leather briefcase from our online shop with you. Not only will your outfit with a dark blue pleated skirt, loose linen top and white sneakers be eye-catching - you'll always have your hands free and can cruise along the promenade at ease.

    You'll be in vogue with a dapper men's leather briefcase

    You should invest some time in caring for your leather business bag. We recommend that you regularly spray your briefcase with a special waterproofing spray. This prevents water, dust and dirt from damaging the stylish model. The best results are achieved with special cleaning agents, creams and lotions that are adapted to the texture and properties of smooth leather. You can read about the best way to treat your leather briefcase with leather grease, leather balm, care milk or care cream in our Leather Care Guide. In it, we also give you helpful SOS tips for leather and how to properly care for bags made of delicate suede.

    Briefcase Leather buy online at my-bagfactory

    Next week you have an ultra-important meeting coming up where everything is at stake? Then sit back and relax and buy the XL leather briefcase EMILIO in our online shop. This exquisite business bag has enough storage space for your documents and technical equipment. By the way, with this (customised) office bag you'll score a lot of points with your boss, international clients and colleagues. A mysterious, autumn-inspired look is easy to achieve with the light brown-cognac Leather briefcase BOSTON. Don't forget your loafers, floppy hat and Oxblood Lips! Quickly add a camel-beige briefcase to your shopping basket! A light-coloured leather business bag is perfect for trade fair events as well as for a relaxed shopping trip. Order your favourite smooth leather briefcase free of shipping costs in our online shop now! And then go straight to your wardrobe and combine the stylish business bag with classic, chic or sporty clothes and shoes.