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Leather Wash Bag - Handmade Unique Pieces in Premium Quality

The most stylish of all washbags is the leather wash bag. Robust, simple, modern - the wash bag made of genuine leather is an ideal part of any travel luggage.

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Leather Wash Bag - Buy Handmade Unique Pieces Online

With a sturdy leather wash bag, your toiletries, cosmetics and jewellery will always be in the right place, whether you're on the go or at home. Discover our high-quality toiletry bags and wash bags made of soft natural leather in vintage look. You're sure to find the perfect wash bag for you in our collection of high-quality wash bags. Customised to suit all requirements, you'll find our stylish leather bags in a variety of designs, leather types and sizes. Models made of cowhide or buffalo leather are more robust than other leathers. This is why these types of leather are used in the production of our larger wash bags, so that they keep their shape. In addition to the shape retention and amazing packing volume, all of our leather wash bags have an organised storage system. Because every bag has been adapted by us down to the last seam for all eventualities of your trip. So that you don't have to do without your organised storage in the hotel room, some of the leather wash bags have an intelligent fastening system with which you can hang the wash bag on the wall or door, similar to a shelf. The majority of our culture bags are made of genuine, naturally tanned leather, which makes them very robust and hard-wearing. As a result, our leather wash bags still look like new even after long use. The simple leather look makes our toiletry bags unisex and a nice choice for both men and women. Our wash bags are available in brown or black leather.

Buy Men's Wash Bag with Exclusive Design

Our genuine leather wash bag is available in a variety of designs to cover all individual requirements for a travel wardrobe! Leather wash bags are handy travel companions with sufficient storage space for personal utensils such as toothbrushes, razors, jewellery, cosmetics and toiletries. Whether sporty, modern or classic, the right men's leather wash bag is available from us. Each of our leather wash bags has been perfected down to the smallest detail after a long reworking process and can thus ideally store your essentials. For men, for example, we have the GATWICK wash bag, a simple and timeless men's wash bag with clean and modern lines. You want a more playful wash bag instead of a classic leather wash bag? Then the ISAAC leather football wash bag is certainly an exciting alternative. However, if you attach great importance to a neat and organised interior, you should take a look at the DEXTER and HEATHROW hanging toiletry bags. In addition to plenty of storage space, these also offer loops to neatly store toothbrushes and co. The ALEX and NOTTINGHAM toiletry bags also offer neat storage with their separate bottom compartment.

Women's leather wash bag - organised and in style on holiday

In addition to the design of the bag, the storage space is of course particularly important for a wash bag for women. It is therefore advisable for women to choose a leather wash bag with plenty of space and storage options. This way, the entire make-up assortment can be neatly stowed away and carefully transported. In addition to the spacious toiletry bag, a small make-up bag is an ideal addition for women. This way, the leather beauty bag can easily be used in everyday life or in your hand luggage on your next holiday. To top it all off, you can have your wash bag personalised with your initials. This way, your favourite model will quickly become a unique piece that will accompany you everywhere for a long time!

Wash bag made of premium leather- Your smart bathroom on the go

Whether you use the wash bag on holiday, in your everyday life, for a spontaneous evening with friends or at home. Nothing looks more casual than a perfectly shaped leather wash bag that accompanies you wherever you go. Small, compact and ideal for travelling. Our wash bags come in several plain colours, different sizes and different variations. Our leather toiletry bags impress with their minimalist design and well thought-out interior layout. But especially when you're on the go, it's not just the look of a wash bag that counts, because it has to be able to withstand a lot. Accessories made of genuine leather are perfect for this because they have a particularly long life and develop an individual patina over the years of use. In addition to durability, the wash bag offers the best storage options. The functionality in all wash bags is characterised by the practical storage of hygiene articles and the safe transport of styling products. With its spacious interior compartment, it offers enough space for various indispensables and ensures neat and tidy storage. All your cosmetics and toiletries will find a place in your travel bag.

Wash bag in hand luggage

We all know that if you want to take something with you in your hand luggage, there are some regulations that you should observe in order to get through the check-in at the airport without any problems. Many regulations are relevant for packing the leather wash bag if it is to be transported in the hand luggage. The most important first: Liquid cosmetic products may only be transported in containers that do not exceed a volume of 100 ml. A total quantity of no more than 1 litre may be carried. All liquid cosmetic products must also be in a transparent bag so that it can be removed at the checkpoint and inspected by airport staff. You can either use a resealable freezer bag, which you can buy at any drugstore. There are also special transparent toilet bags that are very suitable for air travel with hand luggage. It should also be noted that no sharp objects such as nail scissors allowed in the handluggage - they must be put in the checked in luggage.

Why is it worth ordering your genuine leather wash bag from myBagFactory?

Leather is our thing. That's why we pay special attention to high-quality and careful workmanship. All our bags are unique and are handmade from premium leather so that they last a lifetime. Our sturdy and shapely zips are also of the best quality and of course nickel-free. To keep the leather unique pieces affordable, we sell the leather bags directly to you via our webshop. In addition to the unique price-performance ratio, you also receive the following benefits in our online shop:

- Lightweight and resistant materials in top quality

- Unique design, which was developed by us

- The possibility to personalise the wash bags with your initials and make them your own unique item.