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To keep your favorite products new for a long time, they need regular care. Find the right product to care for genuine leather and canvas

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Leather care for bags made easy

Depending on the material, finish, intended use, age and degree of stress from wear and environmental influences, each leather product requires specific maintenance. When caring for leather bags, factors such as shine often take a back seat. Here, the aim is to protect the bag from wear, dirt, discoloration and fading caused by UV rays in order to preserve the appearance of the product. With the right care, even brittle or dry leather regains its suppleness. If you own one of our leather bags, you will have a faithful companion by your side for many years. In order not to notice that it goes through thick and thin and wind and weather are no problem, the bag needs a dose of care from time to time. Our new leather care range is specially adapted to the leather we use for our products. Here we explain in more detail what to look out for.

Care of our smooth leather bags

• Leder Crème:

Our Leather Cream is a creamy wax that can be used for a variety of smooth leathers. The Leather Cream gives leather products a water repellent coating and provides long lasting protection against moisture and dirt. It gives suppleness to brittle leather and even a natural shine after light polishing. The wax is easy to apply by hand or with a cloth.

• Leather Conditioner:

As a rich conditioner, this care product is essential for repairing untreated, damaged or worn leather. The conditioner is quickly absorbed and penetrates deep into the leather. It nourishes the leather and keeps it soft and supple. In addition, the conditioner works as an impregnating agent, so that the leather has excellent resistance to changing weather conditions. The main effect of the conditioner is the formation of a water and dirt repellent layer.

• Leder Cleaner:

In order to achieve optimal results, we recommend that you thoroughly clean the leather before treating it with a greasy maintenance product. We recommend our pH-balanced cleaner, which is specially designed to remove stubborn dirt, surface stains and other impurities. Once all impurities have been removed from the epidermis and the leather has dried, the conditioner can be safely applied. Whether it's ballpoint pen marks, discoloration or grease stains - the Cleaner is a good place to start.

Care of our suede bags

Suede bags are a little more sensitive, especially when it comes to moisture and protection. To maintain suede handbags, we recommend a special leather brush that cleans and refreshes the leather. The brush has two sides: The steel brush can be used to clean the leather of coarse dirt. The rubber side is ideal for gently cleaning the leather. If stains remain, a special suede sponge can be used to treat the stain. It works like an eraser.

To prevent unexpected weather changes, it is very important to impregnate suede. Special nanobased sprays are available for this purpose, with which an even impregnation can be achieved.

Care of our canvas and fabric bags

• Canvas Wax:

The main function of canvas wax is to form a water and dirt repellent layer. It serves as an excellent impregnation and guarantees long-term protection against moisture and protection. This wax is made from natural ingredients such as beeswax and a mixture of different plant oils. The care product can be used on treated and untreated materials, such as canvas and various fabrics. For optimal results, the wax is applied to the surface with circular motions.

• Canvas Cleaner:

This cleaner is specially designed to remove stubborn dirt, surface stains and other impurities from cloth and fabrics. Before you treat the leather with the canvas wax, we recommend that you thoroughly clean the product with this cleaner. In this way you will achieve an optimal result.


If the bag is an old heirloom and the leather is already brittle, that's no reason to part with it. So-called liquid leather can be used to treat the roughest breaks or scratches. But use it carefully and do not soak the leather. If there is color damage, a leather refresher is the remedy of choice. The leather should then be sealed and cared for regularly. If a bag, whether made of smooth leather or suede, is very dirty, there are special fine leather washing products that allow you to wash the bag by hand or in the washing machine. It is important to let the bag dry thoroughly and then treat it to recondition. Color damage on your dark leather bag? Leather brighteners even out the color without bleeding into your clothing, refresh the original hue even if it's worn or scuffed - and reseal the surface. Aniline cream, on the other hand, prevents water or oil stains in advance - and is also suitable for open natural leathers that tend to be stained by moisture. Problem child high-gloss and patent leather: Here every scratch is immediately visible. No rule without exception - the home remedy furniture polish (please without solvent!) may be used with the blessing of reputable leather manufacturers - but do the test on a hidden spot first. You can apply a high-gloss sealer to existing scratches, let it dry and polish it out - this will even out small abrasions. In principle, however, we cannot recommend home remedies. It is better to err on the side of caution and use professional care products.

Buy leather care products from my-BagFactory online

Although leather is a very robust and resistant natural material, it is important to maintain your leather bags regularly so that you can enjoy them for a long time. In our online store you will find a selection of leather care products, leather cleaner, leather conditioner, linen cleaner and linen wax. Some products are available in practical sets of 2. As with our bags, shipping is of course free.