Gift guide: Ideas for men and women

The search for the perfect gift idea is not always easy, which is why we have put together an overview of popular gifts made from natural materials.

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    Leather gift ideas for men and women

    The new year has begun and with it the despair when it comes to buying presents for your loved ones for their birthdays, Christmas and the like. Because let's be honest - the search for the perfect gift idea is not always easy. In exceptional cases, we are lucky and a spontaneous flash of inspiration comes to us with THE gift idea. Normally, however, it's a different story: Eternal research on the internet, hours of wandering through the city and weeks of worrying about what our counterpart might want cost not only time, but also nerves.

    To save yourself all the complications and get through the calendar year with ease, we've put together the best leather gift ideas for every occasion. Whether you're a man or a woman, young or old, our leather accessories are guaranteed to hit the spot!

    Giving is fun - the right leather gift for the right occasion

    Gift-giving has been a tradition for decades and is cultivated every year. No wonder that due to the annual routine we eventually run out of gift ideas and have to miserably realise that our gift falls under the 08/15 category. Although socks, books or funny mugs may please one or the other, they are not considered particularly original. To avoid disappointed faces when unwrapping a gift and to guarantee a pleasant surprise, it is important to have the right gift at hand.

    Customised leather bags and Leather accessories - the perfect leather birthday gift for her and him

    The most important occasion for giving presents is the birthday. Here, the birthday child can enjoy several gifts at once, which can usually be somewhat more expensive and larger than those for other occasions. Especially on a special day, you want to surprise your loved ones with an outstanding birthday gift. And what better way to do that than with a individualised leather bag?

    People and tastes are different, as are the alternatives for a birthday gift. It is helpful to consider in advance the interests of the person you are giving the gift to in order to find a gift idea that suits their taste. Whether it's a classic handbag or a special leather accessory - when deciding on the right leather birthday gift, you should always keep its usefulness in mind. This way you kill two birds with one stone! Does the recipient have certain interests or hobbies? Then your decision should be based on that. For example, if the person likes to travel a lot, a leather travel bag or our leather weekender is the perfect companion for the next travel destinations. Even more specialised hobbies, such as hiking, become a stylish personal interest - with the right leather backpack, which offers enough storage space and also scores with high-quality workmanship.

    If you're still unsure of the gift recipient's interests and hobbies, go for the classics. Black leather handbag or a shoulder bag made of brown natural leather - you definitely won't go wrong with our classics.

    Gifting is Love - The Best Valentine's Day Gifts and Anniversary Gift Ideas

    It's that time again. Another happy year of your relationship is over and you want to surprise your partner with a nice gift for Valentine's Day or your anniversary. In principle, the budget is also freely definable here. As a rule, however, we tend to spend less on Valentine's Day gifts or anniversary gifts than on other occasions. This is more a matter of the heart and a gesture of appreciation and affection than the actual price of the gift. To add an extra touch of specialness to your Valentine's Day gift or anniversary gift, you can surprise your significant other with individual engraving. Whether embossing, AirBrush or a motif of your choice - with your initials or a hidden message of love, the day of love will remain unforgettable for a long time.

    Leather Gift Ideas for Men

    The man you want to give a gift to may be a full-time professional or student and could use a men's briefcase for documents or a laptop. With ample storage space for essentials, this leather bag variant offers the perfect leather gift idea in terms of comfort and utility. Men who love sports are also perfectly equipped with a leather sports bag - the compact fit and a comfortable carrying strap immediately increase motivation for the next visit to the gym! If the gift should be smaller, our shoulder bags for men are the perfect choice. The stylish man of today will not only find room for his mobile phone, wallet and keys, but will also be able to take a book and provisions with him on his way into town or to an appointment. If the recipient prefers to travel by bike, a leather bike bag is just the thing for father, partner or friend. Quickly attached to the bike, the man no longer needs to bother carrying dozens of documents or the heavy laptop over his shoulder while riding. The man for your gift idea is a self-proclaimed barbecue master? Then we have an insider tip for you: our leather aprons made of cowhide! Just the right thing to start the next barbecue season equipped.

    Leather Gift Ideas for Women

    As the saying goes, a woman can never have enough things - in this case, bags! Because no matter how many bags a woman already owns, there is definitely still room for one in her wardrobe. Depending on the occasion and the use of the bag, you are spoilt for choice. Should it be a chic leather clutch, or rather a classic leather shopper for everyday use?

    When it comes to the perfect gift idea for women, leather is the keyword! Because with the right leather bag or a leather accessory, you not only have a leather gift that is available for regular use, but is also individually tailored to the woman of your choice. Because as different as every woman is, so are her bags. To be on the safe side, it's a good idea to find out in advance which style of bag the recipient likes best and what it will be used for. Smaller leather cross-body bags, for example, are the go-to for a coffee date in the city with your best friends, or a visit to the bar at the weekend. If you're looking for a larger leather bag with enough space for your make-up, wallet and groceries, a leather shopper or a bucket bag made of leather material is exactly what you're looking for.

    Every year - Start the most wonderful time of the year with the perfect leather Christmas gift

    It's probably the most wonderful time of the year to delight our loved ones with a gift, but unfortunately also one of the most stressful. At the end of the calendar year, it requires not only the search for one, but several gifts. To please parents, friends and your partner, you can hit the bull's eye with the right leather accessories!

    At Christmas, no one is short-changed, so you can cut back on the budget for the gift under the Christmas tree and go for smaller leather bags or leather accessories. You can also find an original and high-quality leather gift for a more affordable option. Toiletry bags and cosmetic bags are useful for travelling or everyday use to store make-up and care products. Equally practical are timeless purses or an elegant wallet that provides space for money and a mobile phone. A practical mobile phone or tablet case made of felt and leather is also always in use and makes a perfect Christmas gift for her and him.