Produktion Ledertaschen und Koffer

Buy Bags Directly from the Manufacturer!

myBagFactory stands for beautiful bags and high quality travel luggage!

We produce in Germany by ourselves, as well as in India and China, with our long-termed partners.

We sell directly to you and work without dealer mark-ups. Thanks to the direct sales approach, we can offer our brand lines SID & VAIN, FEYNSINN, BACCINI, FERGÉ and STOKED at best prices.

Nik Strauss started the label FEYNSINN in 2003 and initially produced exclusively in Geneva, Switzerland. With growing popularity, she sought trustworthy production partners in India. She often travelled to India and after a long search found a suitable tannery and manufactory which works according to Fair Trade principles. Today, she is working with her dedicated team in Munich, and creating new designs with her manufacturing partners in India and China. One-off pieces she still produces personally. 

Leather Manufacturing in Munich and India

Urban, timeless design meets decades of experience

For more than 12 years, our design team and our trusted partner in India have been a successful symbiosis. Design concept, development and custom production takes place in our design office in Munich.

The processing of our high-quality leather is managed by our partner in India, who has more than 30 years of experience in leather production and processing. Due to a very close and regular exchange in the factories directly on the spot, our design ideas become signature bags, characterized by a modern, timeless design.

In the tannery, the employees maintain high working and safety standards. All the employees there get an above-average salary and are provided with state health insurance and pension plans - unfortunately still not self-evident for many Indian production companies. Also, the workers can participate in health programs and further education through employee bonuses.

Luggage production in China

We have been looking long for a suitable partner in China. Many companies in China unfortunately do not work according to our quality standards. We were able find a friend who built up his own company in China. Together, we make luggage and business products according to our ideas in the east of China.

Together, we work to meet all ecological and qualitative aspects and also to make the articles according to the REACH standard. This means that the materials used have been tested with special emphasize on environmental and health regulations.