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Must have: A high quality leather cosmetic bag

Keep order and transport comb, makeup and Co. in your chic new cosmetic bag made of high quality leather.

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The leather cosmetic bag small but nice

It comes from the family of toilet bags or necessaires and is, so to speak, the little sister of the toilet bag: the small cosmetic bag made of leather. This is the simplest toiletry bag and, as the name suggests, due to its size and small volume, it is suitable mainly for storing cosmetic items of women and men. These leather makeup bags are pouches that are usually closed by a zipper. The simple and practical cosmetic bags usually have little to no other interior pockets, making them uncomplicated companions for traveling, as all cosmetic items are in one place and can be found quickly. Genuine leather cosmetic bags are especially popular and are often made of soft, smooth leather. For example, our cosmetic bag Mel made of smooth leather. This is available in two different sizes. Depending on the occasion for which you need the leather makeup bag and how much you want to take with you, you can decide which size fits better. If it is about the essentials that you have every day in your handbag, a small cosmetic bag is sufficient. But if you're traveling and taking your entire makeup collection with you, including an eye shadow palette, a slightly larger version is definitely the more suitable makeup bag!

Finally organization in the bag with a leather cosmetic bag for ladies

We ladies know the problem: lip gloss, powder, comb, etc. usually fly around loose in the handbag and exactly what we are looking for is lost in the depths of our handbag, so you have to be prepared for a wild scramble. This is not only annoying, but also time-consuming. Luckily, we have a stylish solution to this problem! The beautiful and practical cosmetic bags made of leather offer every lady space for everything a woman needs in everyday life and keep deodorant, powder and co. collected in one place. So everything is immediately at hand in the bag.

But not only in everyday life, but also for travel and weekend trips cosmetic bags are an indispensable accessory! Our cosmetic bags are available in different sizes, so that you can find a solution for your trip, in which both your hairbrush and your deodorant and a larger makeup selection still find space.

At myBagFactory you have the choice between different sizes, shapes and colors of cosmetic bags, so you will surely find the right model for your needs and taste! One thing that our many cosmetic bags have in common is that they are all handmade from high quality leather. Therefore, they not only look classy, but are also durable and natural.

Why it is worth to order your cosmetic bag at myBagFactory

At our online store, you will receive the following additional benefits in addition to the unique price-performance ratio for your cosmetic bags:

- Free shipping of your leather cosmetic bag to various countries

- Handmade cosmetic bags from lightweight resistant materials

- Makeup bags made of high quality leather are natural, durable and sustainable

- Our cosmetic bags all have unique and thoughtful design from Germany

- With us you have the possibility to individualize the cosmetic bags with your personal initials and thus make them your unique piece. Just send us a request and we will customize your new leather cosmetic bag personally for you according to your wishes in our studio in Munich.