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Just buy a suitcase and go on holiday

Whether it's London, Tokyo, New York, or just Berlin, we'll accompany you on your travels and make sure your luggage arrives safely with our FERGÉ cases.

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    The Three Musketeers: Your 3-piece suitcase set

    Whether it's raining or snowing, suitcases are exposed to countless stresses and strains in everyday use, and even the airport is a tough place. The cases are not exactly handled with care and that is exactly why your suitcase should also be able to withstand something. We at my-bagfactoy are aware of this and therefore place particular emphasis on the robustness of the wheeled suitcases and the quality of the wheels.

    Hard shell but soft core, that's how we score points across the board. Our robust hard-shell suitcases bravely withstand external impacts during travel, and the soft-shell suitcases are also sturdy enough not to be destroyed by the environment or airport staff. With our 3-piece casesets you have the flexibility to choose how much luggage you really want to take with you. If you are planning a big trip, then the Large L suitcase is just right for you. If you are only travelling for a few days and don't want to take a large suitcase, then the medium suitcase size is perfect for you. For a city or business trip, the hand luggage is the perfect companion. Whether soft shell, hard shell or hard shell expandable, our range is sure to have the right suitcase for everyone. Thanks to the variety of suitcase sizes and colours, no trip is a real challenge any more. Can't make up your mind? Then why not take a three-piece set so that you always have the correct suitcase size at the ready!

    Here is an overview of the different sizes:

    - S: 55 x 34 x 22 cm - Weight: 2.9 kg - Capacity approx. 38 litres (standardised hand luggage size)

    - M: 66 x 42 x 26 cm - Weight: 3.5 kg - Capacity approx. 70 litres

    - L: 76 x 49 x 28 cm - Weight: 4.2 kg - Capacity approx. 100 litres

    Tip: The cases are designed so that all three case sizes fit inside each other. This not only saves space, but also ensures that all suitcases are tidy and can be found again quickly.

    Whether it's a hard case or a soft case, we offer outstanding quality

    Our cases are characterised by the following features:

    -Low dead weight

    -Robust materials ABS & PC or high quality nylon

    -Two-way locked telescopic pole

    -360° smooth-running castors

    -Thought-out interior with plenty of storage space

    -2-way zippers

    -Unique designs from Munich

    -Fair low prices without middleman markup

    When manufacturing our luggage sets, we also make sure that the price-performance ratio is right. So let's go on your next adventure with our 3-piece luggage sets from Fergé. By the way: If three suitcases are too much for you, try one of our hand luggage sets for your next city trip first.

    Can you handle it? Hand luggage for everyone

    For all survivalists! Or just space for the essentials, we call our smaller trolleys survival kits. Measuring 55 x 35 x 22 cm and with a capacity of 38 litres, they're ideal for taking on life's smaller challenges by making your personal trolley convenient and handy to take with you on all your short trips. This saves you long waits at baggage claim and you can start enjoying your holiday right away. The increasingly strict airline regulations on hand luggage vary, but our priorities are set right. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) sets a standard size for cabin baggage, but this is not binding on member airlines. Since these values often fluctuate, you can use the following rule of thumb as a guide for hand luggage: In Economy Class, only one piece of hand luggage is usually allowed, such as a 20" trolley, backpack or briefcase. Our small all-rounders are of course the standard hand luggage size and can therefore be taken on board without hesitation. If you are travelling more comfortably in business and first class, you can also take one of our beautiful leather bags with you. In addition to suitcases and trolleys, laptop bags, which you can also buy in our online shop, and garment bags are also permitted as cabin baggage. We have summarised more information on the permitted hand luggage sizes and quantities for you in our hand luggage guide.

    Suitcases & Travel Bags as a New Lifestyle Object

    Nowadays, luggage and travel bags are no longer simple objects of daily use, they serve more to show other people one's lifestyle. People try to show which beautiful destinations they have already visited with fashionable stickers, or they try to draw attention to themselves with unusual patterns on their luggage. Can you be a bit more sporty? If so, you'll find your very own special look in our travel bags made of the finest leather. These ideal handmade companions are a real eye-catcher at the airport when it comes to standing out from the crowd. From sporty to elegant, our look makes many travellers' hearts beat faster.

    Which suitcase to buy? Have your own custom case made

    Do you want to show your uniqueness on the road? That's no problem at all, why not try it out with a trolley or suitcase set specially designed by you. You can have your own individual travel case airbrushed with your initials or many different motifs to choose from. This way, your new luggage will become a personal, loyal travel companion for your next holidays and adventures!

    The MyBagFactory team wishes you a good trip!