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Leather messenger bag for men - practical accessory for leisure and work

Messenger bags made of genuine leather or canvas are not only perfect for transporting your notebook, but can become your stylish accessory for your stressful everyday life.

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    Men's leather messenger bag - stylish companion for work, study and travel

    They have their origins in the English messenger bags, from which the current term messenger bag is derived. In the past on horseback, today by bicycle, motorbike or even on foot - the roomy messenger bag with adjustable shoulder strap is a practical miracle of space for work and leisure. Whether you're meeting up with your work colleagues for an after-work beer, going for a stroll around town, sitting in a lecture or going on a trip. The messenger bag will support you in style during your everyday tasks and keep your valuables safe. Even heavy items can be easily transported in the padded compartments. And you will hardly feel the weight. Thanks to the flexibly adjustable shoulder strap, you can use the bag as a shoulder bag or cross body bag, which distributes the weight optimally over your body. Organising compartments are especially important in the stressful everyday life at university and at work. That's why all our bags have an intelligent storage system of compartments so you can quickly find all your valuables. Don't have the perfect leather messenger bag yet? Then you're sure to find one here. We offer this practical bag in different leather variants: Smooth leather, vintage leather, canvas and buffalo leather. We're sure to do justice to your particular style.

    Messenger Bag Leather - discover various sizes and models

    This men's bag comes in many different styles. Sporty, casual or rather elegant? Just by the type of leather, the design of a bag can have a different effect on a person and this first impression is extremely important. It doesn't matter if it's for a job interview, an important lecture or a romantic date. We pay special attention to the first meeting and quickly pigeonhole our counterparts. According to studies, we only need 100 milliseconds to perceive another person as trustworthy or likeable. We only have clothing, accessories and attitude to make a good impression on the other person. Therefore, you should not only look at leather bags as a functional tool, but also as what they can say about you. By using cowhide or buffalo leather in the classic brown colour, your look can be made more casual and masculine with the messenger bag, for example. Perfect, then, for a casual lecture or dinner out. Either paired with a patterned retro shirt and jeans or the classic Indiana Jones outfit, your new leather bag will bring you closer to your vintage look. However, if you want to score points at a job interview at the bank or a corporation, a smooth leather messenger bag in the classic colour black is a perfect addition to your business outfit. You can also play with the shape and type of leather bag. For example, if you want to look a little more casual, a leather bag with a shoulder strap is probably the best option. The SPENCER messenger bag, for example, can be worn either as a cross-body bag or loosely over the shoulder. This type of leather messenger bag gives you a classic look, but softens it with the characteristic casualness of the shoulder strap. If you are looking for an urban-elegant look, a bag with a handle is a better option. The TROY leather bag, for example, can be carried elegantly in the hand and will therefore not lead to wrinkled shirts. No matter which style you finally decide on. You will certainly start the day more confidently with your high-quality leather messenger bag. In addition to the messenger bag, matching wallet, pencil cases, organizers and notepads can make your look more professional and successful.

    What should I look out for when buying a messenger bag?

    A messenger bag is one of a man's few accessories. At the same time, the majority of men see it only as a means to an end. Yet the leather messenger bag is probably a man's most important accessory. After all, it accompanies him to work and back home every day. To help you find your perfect leather messenger bag, we have summarised a few important points that you should bear in mind when buying one.

    1. the right material makes your bag a long-lasting companion

    Probably the most important point when buying a messenger bag for work or leisure is the high-quality material. Of course, a well-made bag is the best option. However, you usually don't have the opportunity to check this when buying online. Therefore, pay attention to whether the bag was made by machine or by hand. This tells you a lot about the quality of a leather bag. On most sites you can use the zoom function to take a closer look at the seams and metal parts of the bag. High-quality bags usually have nickel-free metal parts with a natural colouring.

    2. The right interior layout for your chaotic everyday life

    Everyone knows it: disorder in the pockets. How often do you put your keys in your pocket and then can't find them later because the pocket is too big? Leather bags with intelligent interior design are the remedy here. We have a wide range of leather bags with interior compartments that keep your laptop, leather wallet, keys and mobile phone separate.

    3. the right leather bag size for your purposes

    When it comes to the size of the bag, you should definitely look at the size of your current bags. This will help you decide whether you need a larger or smaller leather bag. The size of the electronic devices is also important. You will therefore find our leather bags in different sizes so that we can offer you the perfect bag for all situations.

    4. Length-adjustable shoulder straps save your everyday life

    A shoulder strap is a practical addition to your leather bag. If you're not sure whether you want a shoulder bag or a laptop bag with a handle, the leather bag with a detachable shoulder strap is the best option. Depending on the situation, you can decide for yourself whether you want to carry the leather messenger bag in your hand or on your shoulder.

    Leather messenger bag - sustainable and durable

    Only bags made of high-quality materials will stay by your side forever. That's why we always use robust premium leather. After natural tanning, it can withstand even greater stress and, with good leather care, becomes more and more beautiful over the years. The so-called patina is a personal development of every leather bag and thus keeps the events of your life. Each of our bags is therefore unique, which only becomes more beautiful through your use. However, it is not only the high-quality leather that is important for a long-lasting messenger bag. A simple, timeless design also makes your bag a modern everyday companion. The clean, straight seams support the shape of your bag so that it is always in shape. Hand-selected nickel-free zips make it easy to access your new leather bag thanks to their smooth running.

    Premium leather messenger bags - exclusive and affordable unique items

    You want a messenger bag with personality? Then myBagFactory is the right place for you! We offer you bags directly from exclusive manufacturers. For example, do you like the straightforward, urban-modern look? Then the bags from the brand FEYNSINN might be something for you. For a casual retro style, SID & VAIN offers great vintage-look bags. In addition to our signature leather bags, we also offer the option to customise your new favourite bag with initials in blind, gold or silver embossing. Get your unique bag today at myBagFactory!