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Here you will find an overview of all items that you can customize. Pick out a leather bag, leather accessory or suitcase that suits you. Then click on the detail page of the desired product on "Customize now"

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How you can individualize bags & suitcases

Here you will find an overview of all the items that you can customize at my-BagFactory. If you want to read briefly all the information about many options for customizing your desired product, just click here.

First, look for the right leather bag, leather accessory or suitcase. Since not all accessories and bags are suitable for all suggested customization types, our configurator can show you directly in the item view, the possible variants for the selected item. Click on the "Customize now" button on the detail page of the desired product, which is located directly under the "Add to shopping cart" button and our configurator will open, where you can choose your desired method. Here you can also see a sample preview of the customized product. The prices for the individualization are displayed directly in the configurator and depend on the size, material consumption and time required.

Embossing with initials

Depending on the model, you can choose between different types of customization. This way you can create your personalized bag. You can have our leather products embossed with your desired initials. Either as a normal blind embossing or gold and silver embossing for those who want it a bit more fancy. We offer this option for some products since this year. In this case, a golden foil is placed between the firing lentils and the pocket. The foil dissolves during embossing and remains in the indentations, creating a beautiful gold- or silver-colored individualization.

The temperature and applied pressure must also be correct and is critical to the embossing result. To achieve the deformation of the leather, the metal must have some heat, on the other hand, too much heat will damage the leather. We love hot stamping because it is certainly the most common and subtle finishing technique for leather!

Usually the initials are centered in the middle of the product. There is an exemplary picture with it.

You can personalize our case products with airbrush - either with letters or a nice motif from our gallery. Simply enter your desired initials in the field below. Go shopping right away and design your first individual leather bag! Then simply add it to your shopping cart and wait for your beautiful personalized product to arrive.

Personalized gifts

You don't know what to give your loved ones for their birthday or any other occasion? How about a personalized gift, for example a leather bag with embossing? We will be happy to personalize your favorite leather bag according to your wishes. With us, everything is possible, from the popular embossing of initials and the trendy airbrushing of desired motifs, to the self-developed bag. There are no limits to your imagination. And through years of experience and the right technique, we can promise you a beautiful result. Please note that individualized items can’t be exchanged.