Discover our high quality leather belts

A high-quality belt made of genuine leather is simply part of a complete outfit! That's why we offer three models made of noble and robust saddle leather. Our belts are available in 8 sizes - so they are suitable for (almost) everyone!

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    Discover our high-quality leather belts

    It's simply part of a complete outfit! It is a beautiful detail in your outfit and stands out positively if it is of high quality: your belt. Compared to other materials such as fabric, belts made of leather are particularly durable and long-lasting. We offer you three models made of robust saddle leather, whereby they differ in their colour and the shape of their buckle. Our belts are available in 8 sizes - so they are suitable for (almost) everyone! The belts are sporty and casual and therefore best combined with jeans or other casual trousers. At you can find classic leather belts for men and women.

    How do I choose the right belt length?

    Look at the length of the belt. The size does not refer to the total length of the belt. You measure the length from the buckle to the middle (third) belt hole. It is best to measure your belt length using an old belt you like to use: Measure from the buckle to the belt hole you usually use. Your waist and hip circumference are also important. This depends on how high or low you wear your trousers and therefore your belt.

    Which belt suits me?

    In principle, this question is easy to answer: many! It's more about which belt you should combine with which outfit. Very clean, simple belts with inconspicuous silver buckles go well with smart business outfits, such as suits or suits. It's best to choose them in the same colour as your men's briefcase . Wider belts with flashier buckles are better suited to casual outfits. How eye-catching the buckle should be depends again on your personal style. There are no limits to extravagance, even skull buckles with rhinestones. In our online shop you will find high-quality leather belts for men and women.

    Why order leather belts from myBagFactory?

    With our online shop, in addition to the unique price-performance ratio, you also get the following advantages:

    - Lightweight and resistant materials in top quality

    - Unique design, which was developed by us

    - 30 days return policy if you don't like your belt or it doesn't fit