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Travel bag and weekender

You want to travel for the weekend? Then the so-called weekender is perfect. Because this bag is large enough to store everything important, but not too big, so you can carry it easely on the shoulder. It usually has an elongated shape with a stable bottom. This enables a better storage within the bag.

Nearly all our travel bags have a carrying strap and additional robust handles for more comfortable carrying. And in case you are not planning a trip, you can also use the weekender bags for sports equipment. The design of the rugged travel bags is usually sporty, but more and more manufacturers also use leather especially for business bags.

Overall, the weekender belongs to the category of travel bags. The smallest version is the daypack, the next is the weekender, and then the bigger travel bags in large or extra-large. Depending on your personal needs, the various travel bag sizes are suitable for sports, shorter or longer journeys.

Hobo Bag Leder schwarz

Trapeze bag

This bag shape was only a few years ago again dipped in the fashion universe, the trapeze bag. Clear lines with enough femininity to stand as a perfect all-round accessory for every woman. This is certainly due to the designer Phoebe Philo, who had interpreted the classic trapeze shape for the French label Céline somewhat more modern and bolder.

In size, there are many different styles, but one thing remains the same: the fold-out on the sides, which gives the models their unique shape.

Usually with a handle equipped, it belongs to the tote bags. . Normally, the trapeze bag has no shoulder strap. Our design team always tries to increase the functionality and also includes detachable shoulder straps.


The Shopper as a bag shape is one of the favourites for daily outfits for women, and recently also for men. An absolute bestseller is the large, spacious bag in the upright or landscape format.

The shopper, also called carry-all, is an upright bag that can be worn over the shoulders with two carrying straps or as a handbag, depending on the belt length.

Classic shoppers can be opened at the top and can be closed from the inside by a zipper or push button. We also have an innovative version with detachable inner pouch, which a zipper closure for more secure storage of your valuables.

The shopper is also characterized by its size, ideal for an excessive shopping tours, from which its name "Shopper" (derived from the "shopping" = shopping) comes.

Shoulder bag

The shoulder bag (bag with shoulder strap) is one of the oldest forms of the bag. The bag is worn over the shoulder and offers a large storage space. A handbag with two handles, which has a long shoulder strap, can also be called a shoulder bag. Small bags which can be worn cross over are actually cross-body bags, but they are also called shoulder bags sometimes.

The range of these bags is enormous. They are found in all shapes, colours and fabrics. The category of the shoulder bags include actually all bags, which can be carried over the shoulder. In addition, you can also design messenger bags (usually unisex or for men) or bag pockets as shoulder bags. But if you know what you are looking for you should use the more exact term as the shoulder bag is the umbrella for many subspecies. Shoulder bags are very versatile, practical and comfortable and are therefore the perfect everyday companion.

Hobo Bag

The Hobo Bag certainly belongs to the Queens under the shoulder bags. The mostly soft leather flatters itself to the body and longer handle and shoulder strap make the bag also very practical. For many decades, the Hobo Bag has been one of the main components of every bag series. The large storage area, which usually has hardly any subdivisions for organizing, also allows the bag to be used for shopping in the city.

Especially since the natural theme ("Back to Nature") and Boho themes have become permanent, this form is more trendy than ever! For a few years, this bag shape has been picked up by many labels and interpreted as a vintage or retro collection. Whether casual and simple, or vintage or elegant - especially vintage models have done many fashionistas.

The word Hobo means actually "migrant worker". This also makes sense since these "Hobos" travelled through the country, with a simple bag pulled over the shoulder. Simple - and in soft leather just beautiful!

Leder Clutch rot mobile

Satchel Bag

The Satchel Bag is classic to the shoulder bags and is characterized by its structured shape. The basic form is based on a knapsack that was very popular with the Colleges of Oxford and Cambridge in the UK in the 1950s. With the emerging of the IVY LEAGUE COLLEGE Style as a fashion theme in the USA and then in Europe, this structured bag became a fashion theme. The eight universities of Columbia, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth College, Harvard, Pennsylvania, Princeton and Yale form the IVY LEAGUE. The term Ivy League stands for academic excellence and elitist social status. These associations are still used today by big brands (such as Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Gap) to sell appropriate college collections.

A satchel bag typically has one or two small handles and a straight floor. This bag shape is available in different sizes: in fashion, women often prefer the smaller version (about iPad mini format), in college, university or office, of course, the DIN A4 format is used. The larger format is equally popular among women and men.

A real Satchel bag should be a stronger saddle that also supports the structured shape. We make our satchels under our brand SID & VAIN exclusively in a fixed saddle. The pigmentation of the saddle also makes the bags very resistant to rain or snow. Here you can find the entire collection of SID & VAIN.

Bucket Bag

Bucket bags have been experiencing a revival for a few years. Their bulgy shape allows a lot of storage space despite the mostly smaller overall size. The smaller form is also suitable for parties or for events. While they are usually worn casual, bucket bags made of leather can also look very elegant. Bucket bags are appreciated especially for their practical use and soft character.

Bucket bags are often made of softer leather. However, this kind of bag is not so good if it is very important for you keep things in order, since they usually have no fixed floor and do not have many divisions. Anyway, we design our bucket bags usually with at least with 1-2 small compartments, also with zipper to protect the valuables and mobile phone.

Typical for the bucket bag which usually also has a shoulder strap is the closure of the bag with two cords that are pulled together at the top (drawstring bag). We offer bags with a solid long strap and with a detachable long strap so you can choose whether you want to carry the bag in your hand, or pull it over your shoulder.

Cross-body bag

Cross-body bags have their explanation, already in the name and are carried on the shoulder across the upper body. The most famous representative, at least for men is the Messenger Bag (see below). While men love the rustic appearance of a cross-body bags made of leather, nylon or canvas, women often prefer thin chains or stitches that do not mismatch the outfit.

For the same reason, many women also prefer classic cross-body bags or smaller, not so heavy cross-body bags. Of course, women also use messenger bags and larger forms of the cross-body bag, but usually less to attract fashion, but rather to carry casually documents.

The smaller versions of the cross-body bag can be the perfect companion for any occasion from fashionable-elegant to casual. Smaller cross-body bags can also be a clutch for the theater or the gala dinner, a nice leather bag for the short trip to the city center, or a helpful casual bag to relax at the festival, party or concert.


The practical form of the backpack has its origins in the mountains. There is even proven evidence that the preform of the backpack, called Kraxe, was already used around 3000 BC. Due to it’s high functionality the backpack is also used in the military as an important part of the general uniform for soldiers for many decades. As the name of this bag suggests, the backpack is carried on the back with two shoulder straps. That’s why it is also one of the most back-friendly companions.

Regarding fashion, the backpack , especially made from leather, was considered a fashion no-go for years. But recently it has gained popularity and is back trendier than ever. Since then the backpack has been redefined by hipsters, fashionistas and bloggers on the street around the world. Finally, it was accepted in our daily fashion and even high-quality backpacks made of leather were no longer a fashion faux-pas. Small and simple, big and eye-catching - vintage models in particular have gained popularity among fashionistas.


The messenger bag is the #1 shoulder bag for men. A Messenger Bag is the epitome of casual shoulder bags. The classic shape can be recognized immediately due to the shoulder strap, the longitudinal format and the size in which DIN A4 documents fit. Even if the messenger bag is not the most popular bag among ladies, many young women also started wearing it because of the casual look and it’s functionality. This bag shape became indispensable in school, university and leisure time.

The term messenger bag derived from the first mounted couriers in the US who often experienced adventurous and dangerous rides. The classic messenger bags are made of leather or canvas with leather for extra stability. Because of the long history with the couriers, the bag is also often called courier bag. However, today's couriers, for example bicycle couriers in large cities, mostly use backpacks as it is easier to pass narrow lanes and healthier for the back if you are travelling the whole day. Nevertheless, as a pedestrian it is very convenient to use a shoulder bag.

The messenger bag not only has a practical use: This bag is all about organization and a casual style. The sporty bag usually has a flap to close the main compartment and therefore has a clean and trendy look.

Built-in compartments for laptops and tablets not only provide storage space, but also simplify the chaotic leisure and student life in general. Due to the success of the classic messenger bag , a variety of this bag in different formats has developed over the years, e.g. upright ("Post Bag", "City Bag" or simply "Messenger Bag North South") is also a popular format.

Tote Bag

Typically, you can identify a Tote Bag by its shorter handles to carry the bag. The Tote Bag belongs to the category of handbags and represents their classic occurrence.

This popular bag shape is carried in the hand or in the crook of your arm. More practical variants with longer handles can be comfortably worn over the shoulder. a Tote Bags usually have a clearly structured shape and a very feminine look.

Probably the best-known model of this bag is the Kelly Bag (1956, Grace Kelly) by Hermès. This bag shape is one of the oldest bag shapes and has been worn by women for many centuries.


The Clutch, formerly called underarm bag, refers to bags that you can hold in your hand. The term derives from the verb "to clutch”. There are various designs, so the bag can be elegant for the evening or casual for a stroll in the city.

Nevertheless, the small size might be a problem sometimes as we have limit ourselves to the essentials. One advantage: nothing is lost in the bag. Even during the day, we can use the all-rounders: for example, as an inside pocket for the actual bag in which we can stow makeup, keys, cell phone & Co. However, the clutch, is mostly used for the evening as a small and compact bag to fit your outfit.

Some of the clutch models also include a thin, usually removable shoulder strap so that you have your hands free if needed. Whether glam or classic - the clutch is a very feminine bag and therefore a must-have in every women’s wardrobe.

Laptop Bag

In addition to the briefcase, there is still the specialist for electronic gadgets: the laptop bag . MyBagFactory offers different styles for all common technical devices, including your iPad or tablet. In contrast to the briefcase laptop bags are available in many shapes and styles. Visually a laptop bag can also appear as a messenger bag, courier bag or college bag.

MyBagFactory offers laptop bag for different sizes of laptops e.g 10 inches, 11 inches, 13 inches, 15.5 inches and even 17 inches. However, in addition to the technical equipment, documents and other utensils can still be transported in laptop bags. Most laptop bags have a shoulder strap and not necessarily a handle which is a classic feature for the briefcase.

A subtype of the laptop bag is the laptop sleeve, which has no straps and can be worn like an underarm bag or document case. The main function of a laptop sleeve is certainly the stylish protection of the device.

A very popular model in a more casual design is the laptop bag "Leandro" from the brand series BACCINI. Two short handles, an adjustable shoulder strap, detachable laptop compartment and outer compartments with zippers: get yourself a model in premium vintage leather, which is stylishly and reliably protecting your laptop. Furthermore, this bag is perfect for larger notebooks as it includes three spacious inner compartments.


The Baguette bag is mainly characterized by the oblong shape (reminiscent of a baguette). However, there are many different styles for example with handle, shoulder strap or just plain as a clutch.

This bag shape was an absolute must-have in the 90s and was celebrated by all major bag labels. Currently it has been replaced by the latest trend of the Mini Bag in a box like form. Nevertheless, we believe that the trend Baguette bag will be back for sure.

Another feature to identify a Baguette bag is an additional strap that allows to carry the bag around the wrist or, depending on the length, even over the shoulder.

Hip Bag

Even though the belt bag has completely disappeared from fashion for a few years there are clear signs of a small revival. At the fashion shows in New York, London and Berlin the belt bag (sometimes called hip bag) starts to appear again.

We feel like the hip bag is not only a fashionable gimmick but also a practical companion when attending festivals, concerts or other events. During these events, a backpack would be too large and bulky and a clutch simply too impractical.

A hip bag is just perfect for this occasion as it keeps your belongings secure and does not interfere when you move around.


Our briefcases (also called work bags or business bags) are true all-rounders. They are perfect for the needs of students and professionals as they offer organization, space and are also a fashionable highlight.

Classically a briefcase has a handle and storage space for documents - files and writing utensils. Ever since technical devices (whether PC laptops, MacBooks or tablets) have increasingly found their way into work, study and even school, modern briefcases also offer space and protection for these technical gadgets. To take advantage of the features of the messenger bags, our briefcases usually also have a removable shoulder strap.

At my-BagFactory.com, you can choose between fashionable, timelessly elegant and sporty designs. Our larger models include compartments for pens, cell phones and space for laptop and documents in various sizes. Therefore, the briefcase is especially convenient for students, lawyers, teachers, professors and anyone else who needs a lot of space for documents.

With their elegant style briefcases from the der FEYNSINN and FERGÉ collections are ideal companions for work and office. A briefcase that is more casual is great for college students. Our college bags from the SID & VAIN collection are therefore very popular on campus.