Luggage Material Guide

...our most popular materials for suitcases

Traveling with suitcases, no matter how long or where, has literally become easier. This follows from the fact that more innovative materials are being used which helped to reduce the weight of the suitcase. We are sure that you are able to find a suitable travel buddy in our shop as we offer a variety of designs.

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Hard shell cases

Polycarbonat (PC)

Suitcases made of pure polycarbonate are cast from transparent plastic, which can be colored in the production progress. A huge advantage, which makes the suitcase virtually unbreakable, is the high flexibility of the material. In cases of deformation, the material can easily be brought back into shape.

As with any other material, scratches are unavoidable during transport especially when traveling by airplane. However, suitcases made from this material are quite heat resistant and can be relatively light depending on the design. Unfortunately, you have to reach deeper into your pockets to purchase a polycarbonate model.

ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)

Concerning hard shell cases this material is the most proven plastic. Suitcases which are made of this material are stable, scratch-resistant and lightweight. Our ABS suitcases are very popular and come in many colors. They are characterized by a slight structure on the surface resulting a high resistance to scratches and a nice light shimmer effect when the suitcase is exposed to light. The brand Fergé manufactures ABS plastic with the specially developed DureFlex formula to make the material light but durable at the same time.

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ABS-PC - coated with polycarbonate films DureFlex

This technique involves the lamination of the shaped ABS material with a polycarbonate film. For the base material ABS, Fergé uses the DureFlex formula to achieve optimal stability and lightness. The additional polycarbonate film not only makes the surface shiny and elegant, but furthermore changes the performance of the suitcase. Through the additional film it is even more resistant to breakage. Even though the surface can get scratches from transportation, especially when traveling by airplane, it does not affect the stability of the suitcase in any way.


Although suitcases made of aluminium are very robust and especially nice to look at, they have a few disadvantages. In general aluminium is heavier than other materials, which is an important factor concerning traveling by airplane where every kilogram counts. Furthermore, aluminium is particularly vulnerable to dents and scratches. Nevertheless, aluminium is still very popular with business travellers.

Our practical and functional suitcase series CANNES offers a great alternative to aluminium suitcases. These suitcases are made of high quality ABS PC and therefore are more durable and resistant to dents. A selection of suitcases made of our high-quality ABS with PC can be found here

Soft shell cases


Polyester belongs to the family of polycarbonates and is also made of synthetic fibres. Unlike nylon, the percentage of synthetic fibres in this material is higher. Polyester fibre fabrics are also processed in PET and microfiber fabrics.


This material is made of synthetic fibres and is processed into a fabric. The tear strength of the material increases with the twine thickness(denier). Advantages of a suitcase made from nylon is the water repellency, the robustness and alongside polycarbonate it is also one of the lightest luggage materials. It is the perfect choice for travellers who do not like hard shell cases.

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Hard shell cases vs. Soft shell cases - the comparison

Advantages of hard shell cases

  • the hard material protects the luggage inside
  • extremely resistant
  • insensitive to dirt
  • water repellent
  • different colors and custom motifs for high recognition value

Advantages of soft shell cases

  • expandable by elastic pleat
  • flexible material
  • low weight
  • convenient outside pockets
  • material insensitive to scratches